Nodds & Nends

I love the Related to Sheldon Cooper or Dating Sheldon Cooper bits that show up on and, they make my day. Bazinga!

Head on over to today only to get this awesome Doctor Who t-shirt. I. Want!!! (thanks a lot Sara).

My friend Keith sent me a link to a twitter feed about Link stills from the game and the commenters thoughts. I don’t play the game, and I’m currently not on twitter, so, I was like, well that’s cool. I guess. But as you all might be a tad more interested, check it out here at LinksAdventures.

This pirates carrying a treasure chest dog costume took me a moment to understand what I was seeing. Then I was like, cool. Way cool actually. And since it is tumblr there is apparently no way to know where this came from. [via]

And there is this AWESOME CAR HOUSE!!!!! You’re welcome. More pictures here.  [via]

And lastly, check out this fantastical art tumblr. As you all know, I have a love/hate relationship with tumblr. But this one is cool, and lo doest my eye see SOURCES! Yes, yes it does. A Cottage in the Woods tumblr, check it out.

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