Nodds & Nends

Check out all of these geeky save the date cards for the wedding you are planning on Pinterest even though you don’t have a significant other. The wedding boards on my Pinterest are for a friend, I swear it!

Some cool behind the scenes footage of MIB3. Ok, actually I don’t remember if I actually viewed this, and my computer is acting up so I can’t right now if I wanted to. But, with that caveat, enjoy!

Actually, I just remembered I did view it. It’s about using blue screen technology. But you get to see Will Smith, so, that was good enough for me.

Stephanie at Read in a Single Sitting is doing another give away (the giveaway is open to all, even those of use here in the States). Preloved by Shirely Marr is the story of a woman dealing with the hard knocks of life who meets a ghost, he just might be the man of her dreams. Check out Stephanie’s review here.

And the best for last, a Great Gasby and MLP mash-up! [via]

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