Nodds & Nends

My mother is applying for a job with littleBits and she sent me a link to their website. littleBits consist of tiny little circuit-boards that snap together with magnets to create complex structures that have unique functions. What an awesome company. I really hope she gets the job!

Do you write short stories with a scifi bent? Do you want to see if you can make money from these sort stories? Jacqueline Lucca has pulled together a post of some places to submit your scifi/fantasy short stories.

Meet some of the artists atĀ Florida’sĀ supercon by reading Johnny Ties Studios posting on his adventures there.

Not sure if you should brave the problems inherent in a crowded place just to stand in lines to see your favorite geeks or nerds? Crazy 4 Comic Con has the Top 10 ways to make the best comic con.

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