Ron Swanson as Batman and other Batman Stuff. But mostly, Ron Swanson as Batman.

I honestly came up with this whole posting because I saw this picture on Pinterest of Ron Swanson as Batman and my jaw dropped. Then I figured out that the whole crew was done up as the Justice League and I laughed very quietly to myself in a room full of people. [via Pinterest]

OMG, I want to buy these Batman and Robin tutus, and if I was a richer aunt I totally would! The etsy site has other geeky tutu costumes available. All of them are awesome. [via Pinterest]

If Batman were a househusband he might wear this Batman apron, with Batman nails, but only as long as he is also making these Batman cupcakes. Yum! I may need to visit Donut Boyfriend today, I’m craving sweets. [via, via, via]

I might not be able to buy them tutus, but I bet I could paint my niece’s faces like Batman. Hmmmm. . . . . This place also does prenatal belly art? I don’t even. What? [via Pinterest]

And if all of that does not sound adorable enough to you, check out this doggy in a Batman costume. S’awww. [via]

And check out this gorgeous Batman dress. I loves it. Though I would take off the bows, because. What? I like the lacing on the sides, super cool. The site has pics and links to other cool clothing for women that aren’t just t’s with logos. [via Pinterest]

And then my boyfriend posted this on my Facebook wall, and I just had to share. Batman is definitely a troll. Sorry if you are a huge Superman fan, but maybe just skip this post all together then. The artist is Daniel Picard and he does some really cool digital manipulated toy photography.

And because I already spent the time doctoring him up…

Gotham_City_Saviour_with cake 2

Nodds & Nends: Star Wars, Skeletons, and Fire Dragons

Star Wars characters eating sushi. You can find a link at the bottom of his page that will take you to a video showing how he made the illustration.

A knitted skeleton! How awesome is that. OMG! More pictures here. Thanks dragonbug for the tip. :)

Speaking of dragons, check out this grooms cake. Totally awesome. I want one, for an anyday cake.

And more cakes! Like this Batman cake. I am Batman. I eat cake. Nom, nom, nom. ::giggles:: (Sorry, my mind goes weird places.)

And because weddings, check out this unrealistic happily ever after about Disney and de babies. Funny story, my sister who had a baby in February sent me a picture of my nephew recently and I saw, “Aw, look at the baby.” She says, “He’s growing up so fast, we feel  he isn’t a baby anymore.” I said, “A three month old kid is a baby, period.”

And because I have a bit of a Disney obsession when finding mash-ups on the internets, check out this gorgeous rendering of Lady Crawly as a Disney character. [via Pinterest]

Gotham_City_Saviour_with cake 2

Blink to the Future and Other Doctor Who Nerdiness

These two TARDIS engagement boxes are quite the work of art. The second one had me at Woo ooo ooo. (Sorry, I had to.)  These are custom made and you could get one for your very own engagement moment.

Official Doctor Who stamps are going to be made in March. Honestly, I kind of want them. I used to collect stamps as a kid, and while I no longer have my stamp book full of really cool stamps from my grandparents’ friends’ travels, the 8 year old nerd in me needs these.

Matt Smith on a rock. Or rather his hair and bow tie photoshopped onto one. All the same, it’s quite funny.

This sterling silver TARDIS is so exquisite. What an amazing piece of art. Le sigh. [via]

Check out this Back to the Future and Doctor Who cartoon mash-up. The animation is great, I wish this was a real thing. LOL

Television Review: Arrow


*Some of this is a bit of a rant about comic books and anti-heroes and nuances that don’t work. So be warned. Also, I may spoil things if you know nothing about how comic book story lines go, but I don’t spoil any major plot lines.

I avoided this show for weeks, mostly because I was like, Yet another “pretty people” show on the CW. I already watch Supernatural and am infatuated with The Vampire Diaries, so it seemed redundant to watch another sci/fi slash nerdy pretty people show on the CW. But over Thanksgiving my sister had the show on her DVR and one evening after being thrown up on twice, cooking dinner for 10 people, and finally sitting down to a glass of white wine I sat on the couch as she clicked over to Arrow. Now, this is the sister who introduced me to the likes of Toddlers & Tiaras and Hoarders, so our taste in shows is not always the same. I stopped her with a look, “Tell me honestly, is this just a show of pretty people?” “Noooo.” She said in her I-may-be-messing-with-you-voice. So I just kept looking at her, but my sister is immune to my looks, even the ones that stop burly grown men in their tracks, and she pressed play.

Arrow is a television adaption of The Green Arrow (a comic book story). While out to sea with his father and his girlfriend’s sister (you heard me right) their yacht capsizes and everyone dies except for Oliver Green, playboy millionaire. He finds himself on an island full of danger, which he barely survives before making his way home five years later. Before his death in the life boat, Oliver’s father hands over his personal vendetta, telling Oliver to get back to the States and take out the people on The List so his father’s life wont be in vain, and Oliver is supposed to try and take them out financially, but if he can’t, then you know. Arrow them. Basically he’s a mixture of Batman, Robin Hood, Robin Caruso, and a sociopath.

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Nodds & Nends: Middle Earth Map Dress, Monster Costume, and an Apple Parody

I love this dress made out of a map of Middle Earth. I really actually like the whole structure of the dress and not just that it is geeky. Nice job!

This Boo as a monster costume is almost too adorable for words. What a great idea and the tutorial doesn’t make it sound too hard to make.

Speaking of monsters check out this awesome squirming tentacle you can hook up to your computer via a USB port. The tentacle doesn’t do anything other than wiggle (it’s not a data storage device) it’s still majorly awesome. I would get one to freak people out at work, but I had yet another person look at my TARDIS cork board yesterday and sometimes a giant TARDIS is all you need to let your geek shine. :)

It may be past the Holidays, but gingerbread is always in style. Especially this awesome Serenity gingerbread model. I’m not a personal fan of the taste of gingerbread, but I do appreciate this nerdiness to the extreme. :)

But by far my favorite find this week is this awesome Dark Knight/Apple parody. I am not a fan of apple products and own an android instead of an iPhone so I just giggle every time someone makes fun of Apple and its products.

Nodds and Nends: It’s New Years Eve

I’m sitting here writing this post several weeks in advance, where yet to occur is both my birthday (I turn 30) and the apocalypse  So, if the internets don’t crash and this post goes to press (which is really just a saying, because the only thing I’m actually pressing are keys), woot! If not, oh well. I’m not sure how many people are actually going to read this, because lets face it most people are more worried about whether they can get out of work early tonight and head home to get dolled up for NYE parties. I’ll probably be working long hours, and that is fine with me. I’m just glad the world didn’t end the day after my birthday and I’ve been thirty for more than 24 hours. Or…. maybe not.

If you are like me, stuck in your cubicle today, in a quiet office where the printer is the object making the most noise, here are some lovely nerdy bits that may brighten up your day.

Shortpacked! by David Willis is one of my favorite webcomics. This particular posting of his I’ve termed, My Fair Lady: How It Should Have Ended. It made me cackle with joy.  I showed it to my best friend Sara, who was all, Wowza. . . .  But not in a good way. She’s supportive like that.

The Mary Sue had another posting on geeky skirts by Ashley Mertz. I’ve seen several of these before, but the Firefly one was new, so I thought I would share. :D

How about Avenger Hundred Acre Woods for your awww moment of the day? I love these prints. Unfortunately, they are not for sale. Booo. Or should I say Poooh? ;)

Speaking of comic book characters, this Batman drawing is quite fabulous and detailed. The shading is excellent.

And this deviantArt artist has some great nerdy fan drawings, including one of Dean in his Impala. I <3 so much. One of the few renditions of Jensen Ackles, that I think actually does a good job with his likeness.

For the big finally, this picture. I’m a big fan of street art, especially when it’s not gang taggings, but rather a huge astronaut. Glorious.

cc Solanas at fr.wikipedia from Wikimedia Commons

cc Solanas at fr.wikipedia from Wikimedia Commons

Nodds & Nends: Hipster Disney Princesses, Nerdy Birthday Cake, and Naughty Sounding Fowl

One of my favorite things to read every day is Not Always Working the opposite to Not Always Right. Often there are nerdy tidbits that just make my day. Like this one discussing if Captain America was on the Presidential ballot.

Here is an awesome birthday cake/several cookies in the shape of the game Survive: Escape from Atlantis. Awesome. I want a cookie now. [via Frivolous Monsters]

Please click on this next link if you do nothing else today. It is amazing. And possibly a gift idea if you’ve missed your holiday shopping until after the fact. Or just because they look like good recipes. Check out Fifty Shades of Chicken Cooking (a parody cookbook). It contains, for example, the following excerpt:

“I want you to see this. Then you’ll know everything. It’s a cookbook,” he says and opens to some recipes, with color photos. “I want to prepare you, very much.” This isn’t just about getting me hot till my juices run clear, and then a little rest. There’s pulling, jerking, stuffing, trussing. Fifty preparations. He promises we’ll start out slow, with wine and a good oiling . . . Holy crap.“I will control everything that happens here,” he says. “You can leave anytime, but as long as you stay, you’re my ingredient.” I’ll be transformed from a raw, organic bird into something—what? Something delicious.

And a trailer for the book. A bare chested man ties up a chicken. Is it weird the only thing I can think is, “That is quite the outie bellie button”? [NSFW]

Disney fairies cosplay and Disney Princess Hipsters sing below (via Picture Me Reading)


Nodds & Nends: Much Ado, Tim Burton’s Avengers, and Song of the Lonely Mountain

LionsGate has picked up Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing, a contemporary film noir take on the Bard’s play. Perhaps this means the rest of us, not part of the Indie film festival circuit will be able to see this film. In the mean time, you can read a review of the film here, with some telling tidbits of the cast of characters. After learning who Nathan Fillion plays, I want to see this film so much more!

Jayne’s Vera as a real girl. You can buy prints of her. I wonder how many people will see this and want to cosplay her. If you do, I want pictures. :)

GIF is the American word of the year, according to Oxford’s Dictionary. The Mary Sue posted their favorites. Speaking of GIFs,  here’s a cool one from io9 of a 3D nebula rotating.

 These Burtonesque versions of The Avengers, are just too. . . . (I was going to say, too cool for words, but then I realized, I was probably going to talk more about them, and then that sentence wouldn’t be true.) Check out the artist’s DeviantArt site, there is some pretty cool stuff. Including this illustration of Loki that started it all.

Song of the Lonely Mountain from The Hobbit. I CANNOT WAIT to see this movie. It’s a travesty I didn’t get to see it this weekend. You can hear a wonderful version here at RollingStone.

Nodds & Nends: Jurassic Park Styled heels, YA Books For Boys, and Be All The Avengers

Are YA books really female centric, or do they have something for boys too? This author/blogger makes the case that there are plenty of YA books that teach boys excellent lessons for becoming good men. She also has some excellent words on raising boys to be good men. Personally, I’m just avoiding that whole worry by not having children of my own, and messing up everyone else’s kids. And by messing them up I mean encouraging them to be uberdorks.

These DIY dinosaur heels are awesome. Although I can’t weld, so I actually wont be doing this for myself. The whole deconstructing the shoe is a little painful to watch as a shoe lover, but thankfully he puts the heels back together and adding the dinosaur means I’ll forgive him for his destruction. I just wonder if there is a better way. Maybe deconstructing the dinosaur? Maybe some how molding them together like this. [via The Mary Sue]

Did you have a hard time with a Halloween costume this year? Maybe it is because you can’t decide which Avenger you want to be? Why not be all of them? This guy was. He even added an eye patch for Nick Fury.

This Harry Potter Griffindor cake looks wonderful. And as I just ate a Boston Creme donut, I’m not even envious of the people who get to eat it.

By Two Kings Confections via Wikimedia Commons

Buzz Lightyear Mash-ups and Cosplay

Stormtrooper Buzz Lightyear. Coolest thing ever. What a great concept and execution. [via]

Here’s another Star Wars mash-up, this time Boba Fett and Buzz Lightyear. You can get it on a t-shirt. how cool is that?

Buzz Lightyear dressed up as Iron Man. OMG, I love this. :D

It is always exciting when cosplayer’s take a character to the next level, like this Mrs. Nesbitt version of Buzz Lightyear.

Or like this guy or make a steampunk version of Buzz.