Bar Exam Break 3: A Monster in the Room

While I study, I doodle on a scrap piece of paper. Usually this is while ruminating on a piece of information and hoping it sinks in upon rumination. For example, The Blockburger Test. A test for determining a lesser included nature of different offenses which relate to an implied acquittal of a charged crime and whether or not Double Jeopardy has attached. Yah, that test.

My doodles are usually full of flowers, blocks of shapes, and occasionally a psychopathic looking cat. Would you believe the cat came out of the doodle of two swirls hooked together by a V?



Then I decided to draw a present for myself, for being such a studious person. A present to myself, that became a monster. Because this is what studying for the bar looks like: a present monster.

A Present Monster

Pysanky Eggs

Last week I went over to my sister’s house and we dyed eggs and had an egg hunt for my nieces. A tradition my sister carries on is making Pysanky Eggs. Pysanky Eggs are  “pretty Ukrainian Easter egg[s], decorated with traditional Ukrainian folk designs using a wax-resist (batik) method.” [Wikipedia] My sister bought a kit off of the internet, and while we are not from a Ukrainian ethnicity, this is a type of art that my step-mother learned and taught us when we were younger and something  my sisters and I continue to do today. We did not let the 4 and 5 year old do these eggs. I personally got burnt a bit with the hot wax, this is not a craft for really young children.

Basically you apply melted wax to the white egg using a stylus in a special design. The part with the melted wax remains white as you dye the egg in building colors from yellow to purple or black. What you cover with the wax stays that color. In the end you remove all the hardened wax by heating the egg over a fire and wiping off the wax to reveal your design. The hard part of making pysanky eggs is thinking backwards re the colors. It’s also a difficult practice because we do not use hard-boiled eggs, instead we use raw eggs, a crack can spoil the egg and then you have to throw away hours of hard work. But those that turn out are kept as decoration for years. 

Here are some traditional Pysanky Eggs. You can find more on Pinterest along with several design instructions to make your own.


And here are a couple pictures of mine. I kept the dying process simple, choosing to do two shades of blue and worked on making a more elaborate design with those colors than my previous designs. Even with a simple design and only dying it two colors, the process took me four hours. I accidentally burnt parts of the egg when melting off the wax, which accounts for some of the discoloration.





Disney Princesses as Game of Thrones Characters

Have you all seen this? Disney Princesses as Game of Thrones characters, woot for a great geeky mash-up. I’ll admit I probably don’t get all the nuances because I have a cursory understanding of the characters, but mash-ups will always equal awesome in my mind and these are some really pretty ones to boot. These beautiful illustrations are the result of DjeDjehuti on deviantArt. [via The Mary Sue]

Thanks to Sara for sending these my way. Sara you are right, seeing Belle’s side boob is very strange.


Winnie the Pooh Homage

According to the Huffington Post, A.A. Milne was born in January in 1882 and so they did a whole piece on favorite quotes from the Winnie the Pooh books. Check them out here, they are adorbs. But if that isn’t enough cuteness for you here is some more Winnie the Pooh to aid in your addiction.

Because I’m an enabler.

Winnie the Pooh coffee mug.

Christopher Robbin encourages that gang. Sweetness.

Winnie the Pooh cake with Piglet and Eeyore.

Nailing the tail puzzle tray for sale on Etsy.

Stuff versions of the gang reading.

pooh and his books

Sherlock Love

Due to incoming guests and family meals, I haven’t watched Sherlock. Yet. But I will. So, no spoilers. In the mean time, here is some fun Sherlocky spoiler free stuff on the interwebs.

Sherlock cosplay. His grin is the bestest!

Sherlock and John fan art. Though, I think John is quite clever himself.

Sherlock and MGM lion mash up. Because this one made me laugh out loud.

Sherlock and Mary Hopper anime fan art.

Possible Sherlock Legos to be made. It’s currently in the review stage. In the mean time enjoy the concept art work.

sherlock lego

Life is a Video Game, I Can Prove it

Recently, I had a visitor, my best friend came west for a few days. We went antiquing, to the aquarium, and spent a day at the Dallas Museum of Art. On our way to the museum I pulled up the latest app on my phone, Waze. A community sourcing gps map provider. As people are driving down the road they can input road hazards warning other Wazers of upcoming traffic delays which in turn can be useful in rerouting and avoiding traffic jams. As we by-passed cars on the shoulder, construction, and made our way through the ever present road obstacle, I input hazards and earned points. Upping my Wazer toward the next level, where I will get a shield. I really want that shield!

Once we got to the DMA, which is wonderfully free, we were somewhat bombarded by staff to sign up in their points system. At each entry way into a new gallery there was a code posted, after sending the code as a text message we would get points on our account. These points could be used to get a ticket into one of the two exhibits that cost money, or used as a discount at the cafeteria or store. You can also save up your points over several visits to get free parking etc. At some points, where all the masks start looking the same and I get overwhelmed, I found myself wandering from gallery to gallery just to get the points.

Sara turned to me and said, “I think life is a video game to you some times.”

Yes, yes it is. I love collecting points. I love redeeming points. My smartphone has turned my life into a video game.

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