Doctor Who Day: Trivial Pursuit, The Alphabet of Death, and a Tattoo

Doctor Who Day

I really want to play this version of trivial pursuit, but don’t know anyone with my level of knowledge which is about middlin. Some people know a LOT more (or remember more) and others less. I’m actually really good at Friends trivia for some reason. I don’t know why but sometimes things stick in my head that I don’t want to. Like Danny Devito as a stripper for Phoebe’s baby shower. MIND BLEACH!!!! [via]

While this tattoo is cool and I like the coloring and design of the TARDIS, Doctor Who quotes, and Gallifreyan designs, it’s slightly larger than I would like on my arm. However, people always comment on how large my tattoo is, so it’s all very personal. Still cool design. [via]

I’m not sure if this is Doctor Who cosplay or just gas mask play. No judgement here. Maybe I listen to too much Sex Nerd Sandra, but I imagine there are some for whom this is a turn on.

Onto some more family friendly Doctor Who internet finds now. Like this cool TARDIS tree house! Awesome. I want to go to there and have a picnic and eat cookies and read books. [via] Families that cosplay together, stay together. Especially if they are this freakin adorable. Perhaps this couple will teach the Doctor Who Alphabet of Death to their young son, which is morbid yes, but also SOOO COOOL!

Other random internet finds include these TARDIS/Keep Calm suspenders. I really like suspenders. Which is perhaps weird, because my grandfather is the only person I’ve ever known who actually wears them. It has to do with zippers being from the devil. (I’m not kidding. Zippers where mechanical, and so many old order faiths only used buttons and suspenders to keep pants up and on.) [via]

My work is going through this get healthy initiative, so they took out one soda machine and replaced it with another soda machine that had more water options. But also Mountain Dew? Yah. They also replaced our unhealthy snack machine with healthy snacks, for which I’m actually grateful. But I would be more grateful, if they had replaced the soda machine with this TARDIS one. I would go and stand in front of it and stare at the Doctors all day. I would. [via]

A TARDIS VW Bug. FTW! [via]

I was contacted by Sebastian who let me know about his Caribbean Doctor Who remix he did for a Music Tech Final. You can play the song if you head over to his link. I’m not a purist, so I enjoy hearing all kinds of remixes.

Twins on harps, playing Doctor Who theme song across time and space. Thanks Wrylab for the tip!

Doctor Who Day: Baby Cosplay, Fancy Dresses, and Daleks

Doctor Who Day

I luvs the baby cosplay, including this TARDIS onesie and this baby TARDIS sitting there looking for all the world like she’d rather be doing anything else. Ah, Pinterest, how I love thee for introducing me to such things.

Mostly to pop up on the internets this week are a bunch of Fahn-cy TARDIS dresses. I love how creative people are. I think it is amazing. One of my favorites is the Steampunk one. The gadgets are really cool and I like that they fit the theme of her dress and the sonic screwdriver. I also really like the highly posh velvet one. All velvet, all TARDIS FTW! I first saw the TARDIS console dress that looks like a jelly fish on The Mary Sue, but then Alisa sent me a link to a tumblr which has more pictures! I really like the collar! Thanks Alisa!

Not a Burger Stand in Burbank, CA has a sign outside their establishment which lets customers know that if they order like a particular popular character they will get 10% off their meal. Recently imitating a Dalek would get you that discount. I like that the chalk board not only says what the discount is, but has a lovely illustration of the character (Dalek in this case) too.

Not a Burger Stand

How to Tie a Bow-tie, Because Bow-ties are Cool

Bill Nye the Science Guy trades quips with Chris Hardwick while teaching the latter to tie a bow-tie. I really am quite in love with Bill Nye after watching the video. 1) Because bow-ties are awesome and 2) Because he totally makes up words, something I do ALL THE TIME! Subscribe to the Nerdist channel, they have other cool things.

TARDIS Tattoo, Shoes, Dress, and Dalekman

Tattoo of a TARDIS and some Daleks. This tattoo is still a little pink, which means to me that it is new. I wonder if the person is going to get it colored. That could be really cool.

This TARDIS pair of shoes is super cute, kind of every day wear, which is what I like my geekery wear to be like. They would go well with the TARDIS poodle skirt from last week. Maybe get the coloring on the shoes to match. Plus, they are only 27 dollars, which isn’t bad. [via] On the other end of the spectrum is this TARDIS ballroom dress. Oooh, fahn-cee. I do like the red converse sneakers, they add a whimsical touch to the outfit. [via]

If every day TARDIS wear is not enough Doctor Who in your life, you can always create a Doctor Who inspired wedding. I like that it has tasteful touches of Doctor Who while still being sweet and elegant.  Her dress is just gorgeous. I love the blue windows, excellent decoration. [via]

Outline embroidery of the recent Doctor’s and a unique signature unto that particular doctor. And the TARDIS! I see things like that and think, “I could do that!” Of course, I never will. The TARDIS scarf took me long enough!

A wonderful Gallifreyan Cuff with swirls of TARDIS blue. I do really like this cuff. I like the coloring, the placement, and the simplicity of it.

And finally, some wonderful mash-ups that I found this week. The TARDIS and Tigger. Because who doesn’t love a good Winnie the Pooh mash-up? Plus, IT’S A CAKE!!! [via]

And this lovely illustration Dalekman, a mash-up of Doctor Who Asylum of the Daleks and that wonderful Disney short Paperman. The coloring is spectacular, the expressions on the Doctor and Oswin’s faces are wonderful. Just. I love the internets some times. The artist has some more wonderful illustrations of Doctor Who inspired digital paintings. They make for a lovely viewing on a rainy morning after your phone has woken you up at 4 a.m. to tell you that there is a flash flood warning in your area. (True story.) [via]

D a l e k m a n by *The-Longfall-of-1979

cc D a l e k m a n
by *The-Longfall-of-1979

Starry Night and Oswin Theories

Doctor Who has started up again, so hopefully we all wont be in suspense much longer as to Oswin’s origins. Oh, who am I kidding, this is Moffat, we’ll be in suspense for years. But until any of them are confirmed, it is always fun to read other people’s theories even when I get lost after point 3.

Starry Night and the TARDIS. Minimalistic and pretty. I like it.

The Doctor has a Facebook page, this changes everything. :)

So I discovered this giveaway thingy for bras at True & Co because I watch Vaginal Fantasy and follow Veronica on twitter and all you have to do is tweet out a comment about your ideal bra. Not only did they reply but now I’m trying to figure out if I can make one.

Doctor Who Bra Tweet

Costumes on Doctor Who, because the Doctor is getting more dapper. :) [via TARDIS News]

Another Doctor Puppet

[Edit: Peeps, I’ve been really sick for almost a week now. So sick I actually went to a minute clinic for a diagnosis, which I never do. The last time I went to a doctors because I felt ill, and not for a general check up, was like eight years ago when I thought I had an ear infection and it turned out my ear was just broken (i.e. I was stressed). So, sorry for the late responses to comments, but I’ve been in bed or on my couch for the last three days. I didn’t have the energy to blog, which is totally unlike me. I’m hopefully on the mend now. But I’m still not 100%. So I apologize if things don’t run as smothly as they normally do… or don’t. :) )

Gallifry One is a Doctor Who convention in Los Angeles and it looks like a lot of fun. Other than it being across the country and that I have a phobia about getting squashed like a bug in large crowds which often lead to panic attacks, I would totally go. Next year it takes place in February and it looks like they get some fun guest speakers. One internets find I stumbled across while cyber stalking the convention was this puppet who goes around interviewing convention goers. Quite cute.

But it was only recently that I realized this little puppet has done some other YouTube videos including this one which is an homage to the Weeping Angels, and had me giggling.

I found both of these videos on the TARDIS Newsroom blog site, go check it out and follow the blog for some other wonderful Doctor Who goodies!

The Doctor Travels Across the Internets

I found a Tim Burtoesque Doctor Who The Nightmare Before Christmas Special, on Brian of Morbius, is cool and creepy. However, This t-shirt of a Weeping Angel is just weird. I think if someone did that in front of me I would laugh and go, Um, OK. And probably walk away while they were trying to get the shirt back off their head.

The TARDIS has shown up in several places this week disguised as a dress. A 1940’s poodle skirt version showed up on Pinterest. A ruffled version with a TARDIS tie can be purchased on Etsy. Or if you want more of a long t-shirt with leggings look, this screen printed dress would be a good idea. And finally via ThinkGeek this really cool full bustled TARDIS gown with a riding hood appeared. Honestly, this is by far my favorite TARDIS dress I have EVER seen. I. Want. To. Go. To. There. (It’s only $500.)

Of course if you are going to wear the TARDIS as a dress, the perfect shoe is necessary to go with your Doctor Who outfit. I like this particular TARDIS heel, but my friend Sara prefers this one. Either way you can be totally decked out in TARDISes, how awesome is that?!

And finally, the TARDIS landed at a church.


cc mym via Wikimedia Commons

From Auntie Jami with Love and a Knitted TARDIS

Sending lots of love (evidenced by the hearts) with my TARDIS scarf.

Folks, the results are in, we have a winner of the TARDIS scarf! After using a random number generator Jae has won the handmade Doctor Who goodie. Congratulations and thanks to everyone who participated. This is definitely my most successful give away as I had an 800% increase in interest for this giveaway from the last one. I loved everyone’s comments and now if the Doctor ever shows up at my door I’ll have many places and ideas of where I’d want to go. Now endeth the giveaway. On to other cool things!

Not only do I knit, but I also crochet and I’ve crocheted a baby blankets for each of my nieces, and several other children. When my baby sister told me last summer that she was having a baby, after a bit of squeeing, I dashed to the yarn store. My nephew was born in January and I spent February finishing up some of the details on the blanket and finally got it sent off in late February. I posted a picture of the blanket on Facebook and so many people were delighted by the pictures I thought I would share it here also.

The blanket in progress:

blanket b

And those are my feet.

And a picture of me holding the finished piece. More hearts because PicMonkey has them and I think they are cool.

blanket a