Nodds & Nends: Star Wars, Creepy Daddy Long-Legs, and Cool Geek Parents

Want to have Chewbacca over for dinner? And by that I mean eat him. Check out the Chewbacca Bento Box at the link. [via] But if Chewbacca is not what is for dinner, maybe you would rather have a wooden version of him? It is completely adorable and these custom toys are to die for. Created by Amanda Visell, she also put together some awesomely creative packaging for the toys. Sweet. My current rent-a-kid, while being a big dork in no small part thanks to me, hasn’t gotten into Star Wars, yet. I need to start accumulating some more rent-a-kids. [via]

This creepy Daddy Long-legs mural  on top of the Seattle Center Armory is really disturbing. Honestly, his technique to make these look like they are crawling across this huge building is amazing. And also Ew! Check out the artist’s website to see how he did it. Thanks to RIASS for the tip.

If you are feeling a little hungry and want to take your geek out on some food check out these Planet looking suckers. I’m not really sure I’d want t actually devour one so much as set it on my desk to look cool. Or if that doesn’t fill your food cravings, how about one of these ten cakes inspired by comic books? Ugh, now I’m hungry. Thanks Stephanie (note my sarcasm).  My favorite is the Spider-Man Groom’s cake. Chocolate. Yummmmm.

Clint’s Grooms Cake By MissRobin on

Where better to eat your geeky goodies than on this dining table that also serves as a marble run toy. I WANT IT!! Even though I don’t have room for it. I WANT IT!!

Some parents have all the cool kids. I mean who wouldn’t want to build a kids bedroom based on the Legend of Zelda? Honestly this kids bedroom is the best, she has the coolest parents who have put a lot of thought and effort into the design of the room which will eventually house two little munchkins. It is also interactive and a play room. So super cool. You can read all about how the parents did this on their blog, Dork on Dime. They’ve also redecorated their nursery in a Mario Bros. theme. So head on over to their site for some awesomeness. [via The Mary Sue]

And if the wasn’t enough cute kids for you, then may I present this bit of Halloween goodness. This mother made her son into Toy Army Guy and she did an awesome job! For a few seconds I wondered if the kid was a life size toy. LOL Her baby lion was quite a adorable too.

Doctor Who Companions, Campfires, and Cooking

Just a quick reminder that I appreciate open and honest discussion from a place of respect. I have no problem delete comments I find particularly offensive to the general population or resort to name calling. Let’s keep this little corner of the blogosphere a safe and happy place to come to every day, the rest of the world may crap on us (and generally it does), but here is my haven and I mean to keep it that way, for myself and for you guys. :)

Read The Mary Sue’s interesting piece on how the Doctor changes with each companion and what that means for the story. I know a lot of people have trouble when a new actor takes over the part of The Doctor or a new companion is introduced, but that is the show- and life really, constantly changing. I find embracing the change with Doctor-like glee and wonderment particularly more effective way of dealing with the constant change in the Doctor Who line up. But I’m a Sagittarius, so I get bored easily.

Quick question, why are the weeping angels attacking the pretty people in Vampire Diaries? Leave the pretty people alone!

Somewhere in Brooklyn is a mural with the promo scene from this season of Doctor Who. My mother has said that if she comes across the wall she’ll take an updated picture and I can run it on the blog. I hope she finds it, because that would be awesome. :D

A teaser trailer for this week’s episode. The Doctor and Sherlock’s LeStrade sit in front of a campfire. Still, it made me smile. Great way to start the day, with The Doctor. :) [via io9]

I don’t know how I haven’t heard about, or seen these TARDIS string lights. The packaging looks familiar, but I don’t think I’ve seen them strung around a room before. Now I want a Doctor Who themed party with these lights, where we eat a dessert version of Fish Stick Cookies with Custard that I made while wearing this awesome 11th Doctor-Styled apron, after which we play Yahtzee Doctor Who style.

This needs to happen, and then I can die happy.


Nodds & Nends

X-men as jaded teenagers by one of my favorite artists, Aaron of Dresden Codak. [via The Mary Sue]

Lego USB ports since I seem to be on a Lego kick lately. :D You can buy them here (honestly I can’t understand the site, but supposedly that is where they are available for purchase) here for $10. [via]

Check out this Train Cake, isn’t it awesome? Basically no one ever shows up for my birthday or it is thrown in with Christmas celebrations, so I was lucky to just get a cake. Never had a train cake though. ::sadface:: Once I had an UnBirthday (ala Alice in Wonderland) which was a tea party, and it was awesome. ::happyface::

Build Lego Sets on Chrome

So not kidding. Chrome has a new app in cohoots with Lego (and the god of wasting time) where you can build Lego funness on the internets and then publish them. They are opening land in Australia and New Zeland currently, but hope to have the rest of the world unlocked soo for your building pleasure. It is called Build. And yes, I signed up already. Though I’ve yet to build anything.  There are restrictions. The app wants to keep it clean and free of controversy. (Not sure how that will go.) And you have to get approval before you can publish anything. [Thanks for the tip Read in a Single Sitting!] 

What the video below. Cause it is cool.

Doctor Who Chess Set

I’m not a big fan of chess, I prefer card games, because I can win at card games. And don’t ever ask me to play Monopoly, I have never in my entire history of existence won Monopoly. But ask me to play Dutch Blitz (and now my Mennonite is showing), and I will beat your pants off. I told this to some college roommates and one of them was like I’ve been playing since I was twelve, so. . . I told her, I’ve been playing since I was seven. And then I beat her, severely.

They never asked me to play again. Even though I always help the person on my right get their cards out too. (Ok, yes, so technically that is to my advantage, still.)

Anyway,  this chess set is uber cool. [via]

Nodds & Nends

A little girl felt sorry for all the kids who didn’t get birthday parties because their families were too poor, so she created Birthday Fairies. Totally awesome.

Enter to win an ARC of Big Sky Country by Linda Lael Miller at Read in a Single Sitting.

Looking for a great theme for your next birthday? Why not do an Angry Birds themed one? Make these awesome masks (and then send me one ;))!

Read about Wonder Woman’s secret exposition on American culture. What does she tell us about our lives?

Book reading has actually increased over the years, in spite of American idealism of the 50s. [via RIASS]

Did you know there are people who don’t like puppies, chocolate, or bacon? (Personally I can leave or take bacon, its ok). That means that there are some people who wont like the creative things you put out into the universe either. Beth Revis talks about How to Respond to Negative Reviews of your written work. [via @readinasitting]

Make some awesome tissue box monsters and spruce up your living room with fun odds and ends!