Life is a Video Game Part 2

Recently I posted that Life is a Video Game, I Can Prove It, where I talked about going to the Dallas Museum of Art and unlocking achievements at each gallery and how I can up my character score on Waze by reporting problems and interacting with other Wazers.

I’m not the only one who sees life this way. In fact, here is an article by Oliver Emberton: Life is a game. This is your strategy guide. It puts unlocking life achievements in gamer terminology, has some sound advice, and shows how we need balance in our life in order to do the things we need to do to make our lives better. Plus, he has some cool graphics. :)

If you want to have some fun while you are seriously changing your life, check out these other apps that help unlock coins (points) to buy necessary game accessories. Check out Cartwheel and shopkick. Cartwheel is basically a coupon collecting site specifically for Target, then your phone gets a barcode that is scanned when you check out and viola! you’ve saved money.  Check out this article on how to use Cartwheel to its full potential.

With shopkick you collect points just entering a store. You can also get points for scanning items. Your points add up for a gift certificate. I’m collecting points for a gift card to Target. Here is an article on how to maximize earning potential for shopkick.

As a note of perhaps caution, I have not linked a debit card or credit card to either of these accounts. It may ask you to do so, like it did my sister, she just bypassed that option. I haven’t really used these to their full potential yet, as I’ve just downloaded them, but if life is a game, then earning shopkick points should be fun and an added bonus, not stress me out because I forgot to open the app before entering Kroger.

However, since I do hate shopping so much, I think pretending it’s all part of the big game of life where I can earn points and not just food items may make shopping a little bit more fun and manageable.

I did not get paid by Target to promote them or their Cartwheel app thing. But perhaps I should have been….. hmmm. Mostly I think these could be some fun apps to make life a little more interesting and interactive then strolling down the aisles humming sad songs to myself.

Introducing My Niece to Doctor Who

I’m sick today and babysitting my niece. Que telly time. Usually, I’m a good aunt, parks and craft time and playing getting trussed up in jail. Which is loads of fun and loads of energy. I don’t have loads of energy today.

Also, I’m tired of Milan, Treasure Planet, and Rise of the Guardians.

So, I put on Doctor Who.

Que questions and comments. My favorite by far was when Micky gets his hands caught by the plastic trashcan. She goes, “Don’t swallow him!” It took everything I have not to laugh out loud when it did and she turned to me with her shocked face.

Most fun sick day ever.


Like an Addict

Today was very stressful. The sun shone for a few moments but most of it was quite dreary. The wind was blowing hard enough and cold enough to make me wonder if I was back in Chicago.

I ran all over town and back again. I left my house twice and forgot to brush my teeth before I left the first time. But in the end I staved off panic attacks and successfully mailed my application for the Texas Bar Examination. Win, win?

To reward myself for this trying ordeal, and it was one, I rewarded myself with a trip to the library. I picked up a requested item and a few more items as well. I add them to my collection of library books already at home that I have yet to read and which are due in 2 days.

I can’t help myself. The intense high I get from wandering among the bookshelves, feeling the binding of the books, and allowing myself the pleasure of taking them home is too much to resist.

I think this must be what it is like to be addicted to heroin.


30 Days of Thankful: My Beautiful Car

I’m thankful for my car. I love my car. Chris got it for an awesome deal, it is totally paid off, it is in great condition, and I love driving it. I haven’t owned a car in a decade. Right before I left for college, my brother’s best friend put my ’76 Monte Carlo into gear, rolled it through the window, the car got away from him, flew over bushes into some trees. I haven’t owned a car since. I didn’t really need it in college, I borrowed other people’s cars, and I definitely didn’t need it in Chicago where public transportation is more than enough to get around.

One of my worries about move to Texas was the sprawling nature of the state and that I would have to own a car. But then my fiance found me a beautiful car, I live in a fairly small city, and I love driving again. I love my car. Chris aid the other day that we share cars, so of course I can drive his SUV. I said, um, well, I’m not sharing my car with you. I love it too much. It is just mine. So, you might want to think about if you want to share yours with me.

He laughed because he thought I was joking. I just patted my dashboard. My car knows I love her and she would never desert me for a man.

30 Days of Thankful: My Blankey, Linus, and Granny Gingrich

Early this morning I decided what I was going to write, but a couple of things happened to interfere with writing in that particular moment and now that I’m home after an 8 hour shift at work and it’s 10 pm I realize I’ve used up too much brain power, because I cannot for the life of me remember what I was going to be thankful for. So, I looked around for inspiration and found it.

I’m thankful for my blankey.

I’m one of the oldest grandchildren on my father’s side of the family even though is one of the youngest of 12. My parents got married young. . . . too young. Anyway, my great grandmother was still alive at the time, she lived until she was 97, I was in college at the time. I only have a few things from Granny Gingrich, one of them being my blankey that she and my grandmother quilted. It is hard to see in the picture, but there is a swan in a pond with lilies and pussy willows. At one point her name was embroidered at the bottom, but I’ve had this blanket for over 30 years and the embroidery has worn away.

blankey on chair

The one constant in my life has been my blankey. Like Linus’ security blanket, it has been with me everywhere. My family moved a lot, a LOT! By the time I was 17 I had moved 21 times. My blankey faithfully by my side, comforting me through nightmares and new homes. My blankey holds a lot of secrets and a lot of stories. Like the time my sister and I snuck into my mom’s closet with her red finger nail polish and spilt the entire container all over it, I don’t think any of the polish actually got on our nails.

My recent move, both exciting and terrifying, means sleepless nights as stress eats away at my brain or new noises keep me awake, I pull out old faithful and sleep crowds out the worries, because my body knows that blankey means sleepy time.

Today was a long day, and I had caffeine much later than I should have, and stresses are piling on, and I’m really really thankful for my blankey.

me with blankey

Thirty Days of Thankful: Spam Mail

Spam Mail

For some reason, my One Thousand Posts and Counting post gets THE MOST SPAM EVER! Which is actually awesome, I love spam.

Occasionally a real commenter gets into my spam account, so I have to fish them out, drag them through the door of communication and drop them like something the cat dragged in, sopping wet, give them a shake, wait while they dry off, and then treat them like the real live mouse the cat decided to bring in and toy with. Or something like that. I’m not real good with metaphors? similes?

Here is how my spam reading goes:

Video Conference: I do not know…

Me: Blah blah. No, you don not know anything. You do not know you made it into my spam folder. You do not know you will now be deleted.

Homepage: … [trackback]


Me: Someone is determined to look like a trackback, even though that is totally NOT how my homepage trackbacks look like. Nice try though. Actually that isn’t. That is a really bad try. I should take up hacking, I would be much better at it. . . how much do hackers make again?

[Japanese writing]: Brown mascara, green colored mascara and brown mascara are alabama
unexpected eye-poppers. PS: please can Suri Cruise get a cameo too,
Mrs Prada! Contained is a extractible, buckled make strap.
Celine series include Dress,Skirt,Designer Shoes,High heels, Purses and so on
the subject of.

Me: That doesn’t. What? Make sense. Why would Suri Cruise get a cameo on a beauty commercial? Isn’t she like five and isn’t her mother against make up? Or something like that.

Three “comments” in a row, all in Japanese. Google Translate asks if I want to know what the spammers are trying to tell me. I do not want to know Google. I’m pretty sure they are all just jealous of Will Smith’s daughter and her hair, or something like that.

Little Mermaid Tattoos 2 Sheets | MedPlus4all.COM: […] Nodds & Nends: Skull Sheets, Tattoos, and Improv Class | Absurdly … […]

Me: Ooh! Clever robot, you found a word and you replicated it a bunch of times. And you added Little Mermaid. Which is really clever because I do have a LOT of Disney posts. I can’t help myself! But I’m pretty share some MedPlus4all is just going to lead me to a bunch of genitalia and that usually leads to viruses.

I do love spam. I get to be all clever in my head. At a computer robot, because that is the life peeps!

But I especially love spam that gets through my robotic spam protector that lives inside my computer because then I go, AH HA! I caught something the robot did not, as of now, I’m not obsolete……. I can totally catch spam going to a blog that about fifty people read…….. Yay?

Peeps, you are totally awesome, my lack of blogging schedule is totes to blame for numbers dropping. But I don’t blog for the numbers. No sir, I blog for the spammers.

Thirty Days of Thankful: Magic Everyday

One of the most amazing things about kids is that they see magic everywhere. And they really believe in it. I never did believe in much of anything, even as a kid. I wasn’t allowed to believe in Santa or the Easter Bunny, though we did have a “tooth fairy”, but Jesus was the only supernatural being I was allowed to believe in. My niece on the other hand truly believes in magic. All of her favorite shows are about magic. It is very real to her, and such fun to watch.

cc Jami Zehr

cc Jami Zehr the artist’s auntie

The other day we were driving by some construction of some sort and I pointed it out to her saying, “Look at that truck. Those men are either pumping something into the ground or out of the ground.”

My niece, “I think they are pumping something into the ground.”

“Oh? What?”

“Magic treasure.” She replied matter of fact.

Of course. How did I *think* it got there?

Nodds & Nends: Skull Sheets, Tattoos, and Improv Class

Skull bed sheets that cost more than I want to spend on sheets. Why are sheets so damn expensive!? Thanks to Chris N. for the tip!

Really detailed tribal tattoos. I really need to decide what tattoo I want to get next. Thanks to Tara N. for the tip!

The 10 People You Meet in Every Improv Class. Yaaah, I’ve definitely met all those people and did improv with them. And I’m totally not the last one, nope, not at all. <.<_>.> Thanks to Sara H. for the tip!

I’ve been apartment hunting, which is going dismally may I add, but I’d live in this abandoned tree house in a second. I’m marrying a handy man after all. Thanks to Tara N. for the tip!

Cool skeletal cosplay. I <3 Pinterest. And cosplayers.

Check out my newest favorite podcast on Nerdist, called Terrified, hosted by Dave Ross. I first heard him on Sex Nerd Sandra, but he has also been on Risk, another great storytelling podcast. Dave is really good at asking questions, he would make a great therapist.

I try to do an art project, craft, or some kind of fun activity with my niece every day that we play together. One day we made play dough using this recipe I found on Pinterest. It uses kool aid so it smells really good and you can get some fun colors if you can find them. (Damn you stores, why don’t you carry the blue Kool Aid any more?? Nobody wants tropical punch!!!) My niece loves cooking and baking so making something that she could later play with was a huge bonus. I even taught her how to knead the dough, she did an awesome job, standing at the counter muttering to herself the steps I had told her. Too cute!

kneading play dough