Street Art of War(ms) My Heart

I love street art. I used to see more of it in Chicago than where I live now, but that is what the Internets is for. I’ve found some lovely street art on Pinterest and immediately threw it up on my Art of War(ms) My Heart board, which you should go and follow if you haven’t yet. Here are a few of my favorite new pieces.

What fun. I wish I could go there and be the puppet!

Art in Paradies – Chiang Mai 3

Art in Paradies – Chiang Mai 3

The interweaving of arms and roots and wall are just wonderful.

wall art

The concept of this piece is brilliant. The detail amazing. I love the little footsteps.

heart on the wall

And my absolute favorite is the following piece. What emotion.


Twerking, Disco, and Stormtroopers

I know as much about twerking as I do disco, which is to say only what I’ve seen on social media and So You Think You Can Dance. But these hip hoppers are amazing. Also, who knew stormtroopers could be sexy?

Honestly, I’m a bit envious of the twerkers (is that the right word?). My hips are Mennonite bred and evolutionarily made for birthing babies, not grinding on the dance floor. And no those two things are not the same. [Via Bonnie Burton at CNET]

My Very Own Found Street Art and Training a Street Artist

So, I’ve sort of a new job in Texas. In that, when I moved I transferred my part-time evening job and then got a small promotion to key holder. I only work part-time, but my hours are all wonky and putting together any kind of routine is nigh impossible, added to which I’m a caretaker for a four year old now and basically if I don’t have a panic attack in a day, I feel I’ve accomplished a monumental achievement. Like today when my car wouldn’t start because I left the lights on this morning and I didn’t even cry. That was a major achievement let me tell you.

There are plenty of wonderful moments in my new life here in Texas. For example, I saw this awesome chalk art as I was walking into work one morning and was able to take a  snapshot before it was washed away later that day.

dj chalk art

I also had a really great day with my niece. We went to a mall (there are only malls here in Texas, nothing else. They are very necessary when the heat index raises and my tolerance for being in the house decreases.), rode a carousel with a horse that had a purple saddle, and then my niece discovered this graffiti parking lot art as we were walking to my car. I honestly can’t tell if this person is for or against science with the Where’s Waldo/Jailer suit going on.

graffiti street art

I may have forgotten the stroller and the fact that the kid falls asleep in the car all the time and the soothing voices of a podcast telling Aesop’s fables meant that I carried a 45 lb girl past breakable dishes and down an escalator until I found a couch I could stake out in for twenty minutes, but I’m the cool aunt who will sit for ten minutes with a bowl of hot kool aid water to dye her hair. So I think I balance out to a win on the auntie scale.

Also, I sat for like thirty minutes and painstakingly painted with body glue and glitter a flower and a very suggestive fairy tattoo on each of her arms respectively. Because I’m hell bent on raising a my own street artist and you gotta start with fairy tattoos and pink ombre hair.

kool aid hair

 If only getting a real tattoo was as painless. I was going to say as easy, but honestly, putting temporary tattoos or glitter tattoos on a four year old is not that easy. Ah glitter, the herpes of the arts and craft world.

Yes, those are mushrooms she’s picking. No, I did not let her eat them. Sheesh, I may forget strollers, but remember? I’m winning in the auntie department. And I’m serious about the “raising my own street artist.”

street artist training

Pinteresting Pins

I do love Pinterest. Some times when I’m having a bad day I go onto the site and look around at all the cool stuff and imagine that when I am finally in my own place I can start doing things the way I want them in my home. Some day. You can check out my boards here.

Pinterest gives me cool ideas of things to make or do. I’ve already done some of the projects, but there are always many more to try out. I think my next one will be these frames with tree branches in them.

Or I just find some really cool art to look at. Like these glass sculptures which look like underwater creatures and plants coming to life from photo frames. Water is my Chinese element, so I prefer kitchens and bathrooms and art that revolves around water. Or this 3d printing of a sugar skull. So intricate.

Some times I go onto Pinterest just to look at all the street art. Street art is just so amazing to me. I could look all day at illustrations such as this one on the side of a building, or this one of a huge elephant head/ octopus thingy. I love art that looks 3d. I like when it looks like it is popping off the page or the sidewalk. Like these notebook sketches or chalk sidewalk art.

One day on the way to see a movie I saw this chalk street art of Wolverine. Way cool.

Wolverine Chalk Art

Nodds & Nends: Legos, Comics, and Stilettos

A large scale Lego X-wing. I wish making large scale models of geeky things with Legos was my job. I really do. Sigh. Then again my siblings and I entered a few Lego competitions in our time, and while creative they never measured up nor won any prizes. But it was fun. And I think we got candy.

Well, this woman is using Lego sculpting as a job, she’s making Lego Stilettos. I’m not sure I would wear these, but it is a cool idea. [via]

I sent my mom this picture of a zombie Wonder Woman because she loves zombies and Wonder Woman. I really hope she takes on this idea as a Halloween costume. She’s done a zombie Dorothy, so it’s a possibility. I’ll just have to keep pushing her to do it. :)

I recently had interactions with MovieBoozer on twitter and went and checked out their website. Basically they rate movies based on how many beers it takes to make the movie good. I like their review of Pain and Gain which I saw recently and thought was hilarious. Though I would personally call it a two beer movie because I wasn’t expecting much and actually really enjoyed it! I agree that Dwayne Johnson was the BEST PART of the movie by far!

“The movie is worth seeing just for his gentle giant, by turns filled with Jesus and Cocaine. The Rock is idiot charm itself, always meaning the best and doing the worst, and it’s a mesmerizing, rib-splitting thing of beauty to watch.”

And I realized how great of an actor he actually is. No, I’m not kidding!

Stephanie on her Read in a Single Sitting FB page posted a link to this article about writing and the survivorship bias. A very fascinating article about taking advice from the people who do not share experience from the median (or common person). Personally, I’m tired of people lecturing me about my career moves what they think is self evident based on their own anecdata (usually not even personal) experience. As if I haven’t done the things they’ve suggested or researched other avenues or tried every gd trick in the book! As if I don’t have my own personal anecdata to the contrary. I think this survivorship bias is rampant in society, and guess what?! Most people do not have that top 100 experience (by definition of a top 100), so why are we missing out on precious experience and data because it isn’t a sexy sale? We can still lead meaningful lives that aren’t based on the five steps of becoming a Kardashian . . . . Not that there’s anything wrong with that. ;)

Speaking of Stephanie, her husband and Pierre Proske have created an iPhone app called Unfinished Phrase. Basically, the app is a collaborative writing tool. I don’t have an iPhone so it wont work on my platform, but it sounds really cool!

I really love when I can find some street art on Pinterest. There are always really cool things that people do with spots and places in their environment. This whole gallery of art is really cool. I love the glasses one! But what really caught my eye was the use of street art and satellites. Did you know that there are people who purposely take pictures of houses that look like they have faces or are smiling. Check out Nest Happy Homes on Pinterest.  I love it!

An 8-bit version of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer intro. The blinking Press Play drove me nuts! But still, it’s a cool version of the intro (just the song not the clips of the show like I was thinking). [via GeekandSundry]

Nodds and Nends: Miniature Bag End, Firefly RPG, and a Ron Swanson Cake

The very best thing I have found on the internets recently is this miniature Bag End. I mean, it is just too awesome for words!

And if you are hungry, maybe skip this next paragraph, because cakes! Geeky cakes! First up, an Avengers cake via Pinterest. Also from Pinterest is this really awesome Ron Swanson cake. Awesome, because cake. But also awesome because Ron Swanson is an amazing character, and I love him. Parks and Recreation is one of my favorite comedy shows. And finally a Firefly cake from Pinterest. I’ll admit the people don’t look at all like the characters, but the ship looks like Serenity. . . ish.

Speaking of Firefly, an announcement has circled the internets that an official tabletop RPG is in the making.

Random concept art I’ve found includes a digital painting of Mary Poppins, street art of a colorful woman made of flowers and rainbows, and an illustration of Aurora as a zombie in Un-Sleeping Beauty (thanks for the tip Picture Me Reading!).

A wonderful comic of why females are frustrated when they have to “prove” they are geeky. Can’t we all just say nice shirt and only ogle the boobies from the corner of our eyes, like on 40 year old Virgin? Unless it’s the show Lost Girl. Anna Silk’s breasts are awesome and I can’t look away.

Peeps, you’ve probably all heard about this already, but I felt I needed to say a bit about the Kickstarter campaign of Veronica Mars. A movie is going to happen, because fans banded together, and the crew took a cut, and all the Veronic Mars nerds united to say, Hey we want this story told. And this is awesome. Because the best part of life (is not Folger’s in your cup, sorry) but telling stories that have to be told. Check out the Kickstarter campaign. Even though fully funded, you can get in on some extra goodies and help get this movie made. For $35 you get a t-shirt, behind the scenes scoop, and a digital version of the movie within a few days of the movies release. Sounds like a deal to me, especially at the high cost of movie tickets. I understand that some people are concerned about Kickstarter payees not being investors in the sense that they get a return on their money, but in the internet age I do think things will tend toward paying for what you want as you want it instead of a ton of cable shows you hate. And if  you want to get a digital version of a movie and a free t-shirt for $35, why is that a bad thing? And I also get, hey we raised all this money for a weird cause, why not raise money for a good cause. But people use their disposable income for entertainment, who is to say they don’t also give to charity? Personally, I think it is cool.

Finally, 40 inspirational speeches in 2 minutes. Somehow it all makes sense now.

Nodds & Nends: Nerdy Crafting, Steam Punk Thrifting, and Pop Culture Happy Hour Podcast

Want another DIY crafting idea to make an awesome present for the geek in your life? Check out this Keyboard to Picture Frame idea on Will Craft 4 Food. I really want to do this, when I can find some time. Bwahahahahaha.

Jimmy Fallon is one of the very few talk shows I will listen to, and it is often because of his nerdy/geeky side. He had on the show this really cool Visual Reality goggle thing called the Oculus Rift -VR and it looks amazing! They are just starting production of the gaming console and I think this is going to be big. One hopes. :) You can preorder them for $300. You really should watch the clip on the show, it was hilarious, the presenter really got Jimmy good.

I found a cute segment on Steam Punk Thrifting on The Nerdist which goes through the steps of putting together a cheap cosplay outfit by going to a thrift store and doing it yourself.

Want to see some pretty eyes today? Head over to this tumblr page for a really cool picture of some street art. (Also, if you are going to ogle the tumblr girl, please ogle her age as well.)

Some really cool articles I’ve stumbled upon recently are:

Laini Taylor’s post about how needing to use the term adult is childish. She makes some really good points.

And thanks to Stephanie I started listening to NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast and came upon this article about autism and nerd culture in popular culture. The guy who wrote the piece has an autistic son and he talks about being able to relate to certain shows because of their inclusion of autism and often nerdy people who are on the spectrum and how he thinks his son is treated better because of these shows.

On my cousin’s G+ account she posted this awesome video of Minecraft in real life. The effects are really good for a webseries.  Sara would probably not be impressed with their stage combat acting skills, but I thought it was cute. Thanks Breanna for the tip.