Review: New Girl

New Girl debuted this fall on Fox and it is by far the funniest show on television of the television that I like. I laugh until I cry Every. Single. Episode. Basically New Girl is the story of Jess (Zoey Deschanel) who plays the part of a teacher who dumps her boyfriend and moves in with three guys she finds on Craigslist. She begins an awesome relationship with three guys who help her move on from her boyfriend (no not in that way), but showing her that it is OK to stand up to her ex and take back her big screen TV (very altruistic of them). Jess is a huge nerd. She makes geek references all the time, she sings her sentences, she tries to teach Hand Bells to a bunch of inner city kids because she thinks its cool.

The reason I love this show, even though some of Zoey Deschanel’s previous endeavors have been iffy, is that it is truly great comedy. I love that Jess is a nerd, but that is not all she is. I love that she has these great relationships, almost by accident. I love that they all help each other become better people, and grow, and put money in the douche-bag jar when someone is a big a-hole. I love that I laugh until I cry every single episode. My favorite new show this season (which of course means it wont last more than one season. Shush, forget I said that!) Justin Long guest stars in a couple of episodes as Jess’ new love interest and there is this HIGH-larious moment when they are getting ready to do the deed (yes, in that way) and decide to role play as Jimmy Stewart and Mae West (?). Honestly. Hearing Jimmy Stewart try to be sexy is by far the greatest thing I have ever heard in MY LIFE! As I sit here typing I am honestly cracking up all over again, tears, there are tears. I love this show!


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Wil Wheaton’s Who

Wil Wheaton and Joel Watson were inspired by a comic to create this awesome Doctor Who shirt. Here is the shirt and the comic. O.M.G. I just love Wil Wheaton and this little bit of circular nerdery leading to an awesome t-shirt! Well, it made my day. [via Topless Robot]

And if life couldn’t get better here is a Dalek Cartoon! [via TARDIS Newsroom]

And here are some more Daleks just waltzing around London over at The Mary Sue.

Sookie and Eric

The reason I really started liking the Sookie Series. I have to say, that I am far more of an Eric fan than a Bill fan, which is completely based on the books. Bill in the television series fairly perfectly follows the book Bill, so my feelings on him have only deepened and not changed. [via Spoiler TV]

By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America (Alexander Skarsgard) via Wikimedia Commons


True Blood with Witches

True Blood Promo:

Here is one explaining the witches (with a longer shot of Eric shirtless). Hubba Hubba.

And a new clip popped up yesterday. [via io9]

Yah, still not quite on board with the extremely fairy centric (by that I mean, in fairy land centric) parts of this clip. I realize this is the beginning of the fairies part in the series, and a lot of it wouldn’t translate well into television except with some revision of the book, but WHERE IS ERIC SHIRTLESS???? My only hope is that they don’t want to spoiler the really good parts, so show up the evil looking fairies in stead. Goddamn, I hope so.

Book Review: Death’s Daughter

Amber Benson (of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame) has branched out into chick lit after spending time playing such characters.  Her first solo book in the Calliope Reaper-Jones novels is Death’s Daughter. The book is about Callie who is the middle daughter of Death, president of Death, Inc. an arbitrator of justice independent of God or the Devil. Callie moved to the Big Apple to live her dream life, leaving her family issues in the past. That is, until she is called back to help the family business and save the day. She must complete three nearly impossible tasks. Impossible because they are written in ancient Greek containing clues about people and places and things she has never even heard of before, or tried to forget. Along the way she meets the Devil’s Prodigy, who heats her up in a way that has nothing to do with the hot sands of Hades.

Benson weaves both a fun story about Callie growing up and realizing the value of family with her own brand of spirituality. She doesn’t just leave the religion at Christianity’s door step, but brings in gods of the past and present, Eastern philosophy, and a dog with three heads. The only issue I have is that the character is quite whiny, which the character readily admits, but does little to rectify or change. But I will give Callie the benefit of the doubt and see if maybe she can grow as a person over the next two books. Callie is an interesting character and her little mishaps can be quite funny.

This book was a quick read, engaging, and I will be checking out the next in the series. The Book is waiting for me at the library as I write this, and I’m excited to get back into the universe of Calliope Reaper-Jones and the underground world of the Devil, gods, and younger sisters who make fun of you. A fun read, if you like the Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlaine Harris, or Undead and Unwed by MaryJanice Davidson, be sure to check out Amber Benson’s Calliope Reaper-Jones Series.

Webseries Review: Blood Light

So, I watched the entire 9 episodes of a new webseries Blood Light. And I have one word- Awesome.

The series starts out strong in some aspects, comedy, and not so strong in others, acting. It is always fun to watch something that makes fun of popular vampire culture, because even though I absolutely love reading such novels as the Sookie Stackhouse Series and The Dresden Files, there is so much camp to them that it is easy to make fun of them. I even enjoyed the Twilight Series (despite is Mormonism dressed up as 18th Century chauvinism), because I appreciate all things campy and supernatural without getting hung up on minor details, like sparkly skin. Even as I make fun of said sparkly skin. But the reason I like such things as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Moonlight was because of their camp and ability to make fun of themselves. It’s an ongoing theme with such shows, just take Supernatural for instance, their whole meta show about doing the show is a classic example of not taking themselves or the story lines of demon blood infestation too seriously. This webisode continues in that vein of comedy with references to True Blood, New York Comic Con, and breaking the “Fourth Wall”- while breaking the Fourth Wall.

The first girl who played Alex is not that strong of an actor, but I promise it is worth pushing past her eye rolls.  Jared Stern is comic gold as Conner, the human who pretends to be a vampire. His loose morals and questionable tactics with regards to women are only funny because usually ends up in trouble using them. As the show becomes more Conner centric, the show becomes funnier and more centered on what it is about. Note that the show is definitely NSFW. There is much swearing, which progresses as the series proceeds, and the show sees how much it can get away with. There are some “mind-flashes” of scantily clad women, but no nudity. The show thrives on crass, but the ending of episode 4 is absolutely priceless, and many of the jokes are at the expense of the actors themselves. Which is what counts in the end, the ability of a series to make jokes at its own expense and not take itself too seriously. A really, really funny series that you should check out. (First episode embedded below). Check out their website.

Truely Bloody Yummy

Watch a True Blood preview of Eric dealing with the fallout: [via io9]


And and the first three minutes (bad quality of video) of the upcoming season premiere.

I’m a little disappointed in their fairy portrayal honesty. First of all, it’s a completely unnecessary addition to the story line, the books dealt with the fairies fantastically, not sure why HBO felt the need to add this golden glowy room of amnesia. And if we don’t have more Eric in the season than what I’m seeing, I’m gonna dislike the show immensely.

What to Watch on Netflix

io9 posted a really cool flowchart to help people decide what Science Fiction to watch on Netflix. I’ve seen roughly 80% of the shows on this chart (not including the animated ones). I’m just an all around t.v. watcher of fun/campy/scary/great science fiction/ fantasy stuff. [by SF Signal]