New Movie from Dollhouse Alums

I recently started rewatching Dollhouse at night and stumbled on an article about the Dollhouse alum making a movie titled Lust for Love. I’m going to have to track this one down, Victor is one of my all time favorite male characters and I’ve been meaning to track down the actor and see some of his other work. The trailer made me laugh out loud. Headbuttee FTW!

Throw Back Thursday Circ. 1985

Jami opening phone

It’s throwback Thursday where people post pictures of them from eons ago, or maybe from just a few years ago. Apparently at one point and time I had a mullet. My only excuse is that it was the 80’s and I was a curious child who first cut her hair with scissors and then when those were taken away found some nail clippers.

My mom likes to tell the story that my little baby sister found my curly hair piled under the crib where I had cut it all off and brought out one of my curls to tattle tail on me. My mom seeing the curl thought it was a rat’s tail and screamed bloody murder. I think it was payback for her desire to name me Jami Smurf….., you heard me right. Smurf. Though to be fair she was 17 when she was trying to name me and there were lots of critters that got into that trailer, a possum and raccoon for a few examples.

30 Days of Thankful: Laughter, Listening, and Lucas

My brother Lucas is amazing. He is both strong and vulnerable. Able to talk about anything when he wants. He hears everything. And he’ll reply to it. Even if it’s under his breath at the supper table and your listening to his comments and you can’t laugh because he’s making fun of the honored guest, your grandfather.

Once when we were much younger, oh like I was in my early teens and Lucas was maybe 11, we discovered that our grandparents car had a backseat that you could lay down from inside the car. This discovery happened while we were driving with them, and an idea was hatched. Somehow it was transmuted from brain to brain, or maybe Lucas whispered in my ear, the memory is a little vague, but I sat forward in the car in between my grandparents front seats almost, to block their view, and distract them. I jabbered on for a good few minutes while Lucas climbed into the trunk and Megan rearranged his jacket as though he was sleeping in the backseat.

My poor grandfather, I’m a bit surprised now that he didn’t have a heart attack when he opened the trunk and up popped Lucas among the groceries. But my grandfather also loved a good joke, and it’s hard to stay mad at Lucas when he’s grinning up at you, or down at you as the case is now that he’s not 11 and stands about 6 foot tall, so my grandfather broke into laughter as did my grandmother after exclaiming, “Oh, goodness.”

I’m thankful for Lucas because he inevitably brings laughter into my life. And while he may joke around and sometimes make fun of people, he has a way of doing it so that the person who is being punk’d ends up joining in the laughter too. I think it is because Lucas is always listening, to what people say, to what they don’t say, he hears it all. And then he says the one thing that makes it all make sense, and funny at the same time.


30 Days of Thankful: Thankful for Vikings, Thanksgiving Day, and Family Pictures

Today I’m thankful for my family. I’m especially thankful for my fiance who I liken to a viking. He’s tall, fair, and conquers everything he sets out to undertake. Of course he doesn’t go around killing people, or any of the bad viking stuff, like pillaging. Unless you count my pantry.

I hope everyone is having a great day. I know not all of my readers celebrate Thanksgiving, but I still hope you all are having a great day. I’ve had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. Watching TV, cooking food, eating food, eating more food,  and taking a family picture.

The only thing marring today’s happiness is the knowledge that I have to be at work tomorrow at 8 a.m. and fold the sweater table five times an hour. I just keep telling myself, It Will Be Ok. It Will Be Ok. But I worked Borders on Black Friday and the horrors have haunted me since. . . .

Happy Let’s All Be Thankful, Eat Too Much, and Then Go Out and Cause Retail Workers to Have Nervous Break Downs Day!


30 Days of Thankful: Doctor Who

I Love Doctor Who. I think the show is clever, engaging, and brings together a wide range of audience. The Doctor reminds us of the adventure, the wonder, the joy of meeting human simply because he isn’t.

People disagree on their favorite Doctor, but mine will always be Matt Smith. I think he is wonder and joy personified as the Doctor. He has made me smile in dark times, I will be forever thankful to him.

Watch the trailer below to see shoots from the 50th anniversary. Just remember, “Spoilers!”

30 Days of Thankful: New Homes

Last night was the first night in our first home in our first bed. Should have slept like babies. But someone was fighting zombies in their sleep and the teeth grinding woke me up in the middle of the night. After some gentle nudging I lay in bed thinking of all the things I needed to do the next day to get our new home in ship shape order.

Our new home.
Our new home.
I smile to myself.

It’s a wonderful feeling after a long journey to be in my new home. I’m thankful for new homes.

PS As soon as things are a little less of a wreck I’ll be posting pictures.

30 Days of Thankful: People with a Cause

My work joins the Komen foundation for breast cancer awareness month and every year each city participates in the Race for the Cure. This year was my first time to participate. Chris and I went into Dallas early one Saturday morning, lie 6 a.m. early, met up with my group, took pictures, and then strolled through the streets for 3 miles to raise money and awareness for women’s health issues.

Throngs of people populated the street, some dressed up with special hats, some with tutus, and even some with capes. Everyone was there for a reason, some it was just support, for some it was in memory of a loved one, and for some it was in triumph over hardship. 

Because of these people awareness and funds were raised for the future health of women. So, today, I’m thankful for people with a cause. 

Today's biggest feat walking in a crowd of people, slowly. I hate crowds, I hate walking slowly. This better cure cancer.

Today’s biggest feat walking in a crowd of people, slowly. I hate crowds, I hate walking slowly. This better cure cancer.

30 Days of Thankful: Halloween Decorations

Today I’m thankful for Halloween decorations. When I was younger my parents did not let us celebrate Halloween, it’s the devil’s holiday after all. So we sat in our house with the lights off and ignored the door bell when it ran from trick or treaters. That was a *lot* of fun. Only two years ago did I have the opportunity to actually go door to door and get candy for myself… I mean my four year old best friend in Chicago.

Today my sister and I ran all over town gathering decorations and set up our own Halloween decor. It was a lot of fun, I’m I love how the lawn looks. We have an idea for some more fun decorations, but need to find the items first. My niece and I have also been centering our art projects around fall decorations. I’m having a blast with all of it.

mantle decorations

We made the banner and turkey

outside decorations