Wedding Pictures and the TARDIS on a Cake

Last weekend Chris and I got married! (Yes, I decided to take the Texas State Bar and get Married in the same year because I’m an overachiever, and a little crazy.) Our wedding day was a whirl wind, full of sunshine, rain, and Kevin Allison. Some of you may recognize the name of the man who runs the podcast Risk! as well as live shows of the same and a storytelling company in New York City. Kevin Allison was our officiant! He did an awesome job and if you haven’t listened to his podcast yet, you must! It is amazing, where people tell true stories they never thought they’d share.

I’m also extremely thankful for my photographer, who capture some brilliant moments as the day is a complete blur in my memory. Kathleen Gray is a family friend who started Eternal Fotography last year. She and her family are moving to the North Dallas area later this year. Kathleen also shoots such sessions as newborn portraits, Mother’s and Father’s Day portraits, and headshots. Kathleen was a great calming portion of a chaotic day and I want to give her a shout out and send some traffic to her blog. Below is my favorite picture from the day and you can click on it to see more pictures from our wedding including my bridal cake with a TARDIS topping and the wedding attendants posing with paper mustaches and top hats or you can click on Chris and Jami’s Beautiful Backyard Wedding.

If you head over to Eternal Fotography to look at the pictures please leave a comment. Ten comments earns me a little prize (an 8X10 printed photo). Furthermore, I would love to give back to Kathleen and Eternal Fotography for their wonderful addition to our special day.

c Eternal Fotogrphay, photo used with permission

c Eternal Fotogrphay, photo used with permission

TARDIS as a Stroller, Gingerbread House, and A Very Blue Couch

The TARDIS in various incarnations. Including a:

TARDIS Stroller


A gingerbread house

by reddit user Fortune Kitty

by reddit user FortuneKitty

And a couch, a very very BLUE couch. Unfortunately (or not) it is all Photoshop, but still, kind of interesting.


Disney Characters In Nerdy Costumes

Check out Nerdist’s posting on cartoon characters in nerdy Halloween characters as imagined and drawn by Isaiah Stephens. Check out his other work on DeviantArt and Tumblr. Such as his imaginings of the Magic School Bus Kids All Grown Up. Some amazing artwork here folks! But my favorite so far is his Mulan as Xena, so much nerdy girl warrior goodness I’m about to explode!!!

mulan as xena

Bizarrely Amazing Famous Photo Recreations with Malkovich

Sandro Miller and John Malkovich collaborated on a photography series where they recreated some famous photos. Malkovich did an amazing job portraying different genders and ethnicity as he modeled for Miller. The essence of each famous photo is capture brilliantly and in one or two I did a double take that it wasn’t the same photo twice. To see all of them check out the original posting on Bored Panda.

Sandro Miller, Dorothea Lange / Migrant Mother, Nipomo, California (1936), 2014

Sandro Miller, Dorothea Lange / Migrant Mother, Nipomo, California (1936), 2014

“THE VERSE” a Firefly Fan Film

I just found this awesome fan film for Firefly this morning on Pinterest. It is amazing, well acted, and fun. It looks like there is a tie in online game as well.

Old Westerns and Half Naked Flying Part 3

After years and years of lucid and very vivid dreaming, I finally decided to try and figure out what my unconscious mind was trying to tell me and I looked into dream interpretation. It took a few tries, but I began to put some of the pieces together. Basically, our minds think in symbols. Some of these symbols are universal and some of them are specific to the individual. One researcher suggests that dreams are a reflection of our waking lives and given a number of dreams and years in which to study them, they reveal the character of an individual. Freud suggested that dreams are related to unfulfilled desires, and while some dreams may indeed be wishes played out in the unconscious, I don’t think this can explain every dream I’ve ever had.

My method of dream interpretation is to take the big symbols I’ve noted and look them up on I then order the symbols and the feelings and try to interpret the feeling toward the symbol. What I’ve found, for myself, over the years is that when I have a crazy run of dreams they usually are all symbols for a particular stressor in life. I’ve done some dream interpretation for friends as well, and once unraveled most people find their crazy dreams are rather innocuous and make a lot more sense when thought of as processing information through symbols. It also kind of takes the mystery out of my crazy dreams, which can be a bit of a downer as I find out my abnormally vivid dreams aren’t so abnormal after all.

I’ve never interpreted my “flying” dream which you can read here. But I’ve held onto the feeling of freedom long enough, and often it is easier to interpret a dream months or even years later. First I’ll parse out the major elements and actions of my dream and look them up on the website to figure out what the symbols stand for, sometimes this means picking from several meanings. I try to choose meanings that reflect the meanings of other symbols I’ve dreamt to create a cohesive picture.

Old Western Town

To dream that you are in the Wild West represents your resourcefulness and survival skills. Alternatively, the dream implies that you may be over-thinking a problem. Sometimes simplicity is the way to go. Being in the Wild West also indicates that you need to be more straightforward about your feelings, intentions or goals.

Dirt Road

Dreaming of a dirt or gravel road implies that the path toward your goals will take some effort and work. It may take perseverance and time before you see progress. Alternatively, the dream suggests that you are paving the way.


To dream that you are running away from someone indicates an issue that you are trying to avoid.

To dream that something or someone is running towards you refers to your willingness to confront any situation head on.

Men’s Shirt

To dream of a shirt refers to your emotions or some emotional situation.  The shirt you wear reveals your attitude and level of consciousness about a particular situation.

If you are a woman and dream that you are in a room full of men, then it highlights the masculine aspect of yourself. The dream forces you to acknowledge your authoritative and aggressive side.

Bullets aimed at me

To see a bullet or bullets in your dream indicate anger and aggression directed at you or someone else. You need to be cautious on what you say and do. Your actions and words may easily be misinterpreted. Alternatively, the dream may be telling you that you need to “bite the bullet” and accept some difficult situation.

Gun in my hand and shooting behind me

[A] gun is a symbol of power and pride. Perhaps you are looking for shelter or protection in your dream.

To dream that someone is shooting you with a gun suggests that you are experiencing some confrontation in your waking life.

Running on rooftops

To dream that you are on top of a roof symbolizes boundless success

Pushing people off the rooftop

  • As I pushed away a version of myself, I will presume that this is a highly specific individualized symbol that I not only do not want to be that version of myself, but gleefully have gotten rid of her.

Jumping off of the roof

To dream that you are jumping indicates that you need to take a risk and go for it. You will overcome your obstacles and find progress toward your goals. . . . The way you feel in the dream will provide additional significance and meaning to your dream.

As mentioned earlier, at the time of this dream Chris and I were in the very beginnings of a relationship. We texted for a few months and had one phone conversation. I was very anxious about what it all meant, especially as we lived hundreds of miles away from each other and I had no indication from Chris that he was interested in anything more than friendship. Part of me wasn’t sure how to respond, whether I should give the relationship some time to develop or to push the issue. Shortly after the dream Chris called and told me he wanted to visit and I determined that would be when I would confront him about the status of our relationship. I decided that I would be more straightforward than I had been in past relationships, where I let the unknown status linger for far too long for my own piece of mind. I was determined to be different.

While Chris was the one who initiated the conversation, he asked a very neutral question and gave me room to express myself. Three days later he kissed me good-bye and we told each other we loved each other. It is now nearly two years later and I would say, even though I didn’t know it at the time, my dream was right. I needed to take a risk and go for it. I’m glad I did, I consider a wonderful life partner boundless success!

Old Westerns and Half Naked Flying Part 2

As I’ve mentioned a time or two, I have very interesting dreams. Often in the middle of my dream I realize I’m dreaming, sometimes this helps me wake up, other times I just stand in the doorway of a beautiful house staring at a murdered family and sigh, looking around and think, ‘Great another murder mystery dream, at least this one has a beautiful setting, minus the dead and bloody bodies.’

This type of awareness in a dream that one is said dream is called lucid dreaming. Someone in a lucid dream has more of a say in the dream, and can, with practice, exert some measure of control. Lucid dreams are very very vivid and realistic. Some research suggests that lucid dreaming has a hereditary component. And that only a very small percentage of the population has lucid dreams on a regular basis. Some people believe this is more a state of brief wakefulness than actual dreaming, but I wonder if the skeptics actually have lucid dreams or not. Because I know what it’s like to have a dream turn into a day dream as I wake up, and that is nothing like my lucid dreaming.

From my own anecdotal research, I’ve found that very few people have lucid dreams, and if they do it is once or twice in their life time. These people then start to fly when they realize they are dreaming.  This intrigued me, so I decided I was going to fly in my next lucid dream. But so far I have failed to do so. Gravity still works in my dreams, and roofs cannot be flown through. But my attempts to exert control in my dream lead to a great revelation. Since I am in a dream I can just walk away from work or the horrible thing that is happening without consequences. Now, I open doors or crawl through windows and get away. Usually this just leads into another bizarre dream. But it is helpful.

I have so many lucid dreams I stopped trying to fly and just tried to change them instead. Then one evening, about two years ago, when Chris and I first stared talking on the phone I found out he had lucid dreams all the time too. This was so exciting. I had never met someone in person who also continuously has lucid dreams. He controls people in his dreams by shooting them…. I decided that was not my style even if I have had to use a gun or two in a dream. It did remind me of that long ago desire to try flying and I was determined to keep on trying in my lucid dreams until I succeeded.

Lo and behold I find myself in a Western half dressed and getting shot at. Two big clues I was in a dream, then the dream turns into a lucid dream once I clue in. (You can read the whole dream here.) I was able to change my dream, kill a version of myself floating around in my unconscious, and have a moment of pure freedom. But I still have never been able to fly in a dream. It remains a hope of mine that one day gravity and worries will not weigh me down and that I will be able to soar into the sky and actually fly.