Throwback Thursday: Happy Stuff Your Face Day

I’m going to recycle an old post and do a throwback Thursday, killing two turkeys with on stone of stuffing. Original post published on 11/27/14.

My family is doing Thanksgiving together. But my sister and I, who are planning the meal, do not like turkey, cranberries, or pumpkin pie. So we decided to serve steak, salad, and brownies. Because that is how we do things around here.

The reason that I loathe turkey is due to the fact one winter my parents were struggling to make ends meet and some people at our local religious organization found out and some Boy Scouts found out and a whole bunch of people found out and gave us turkeys. We had five turkeys in the freezer at one point. We ate turkey every day for months on end. While I’m grateful that there are kind people in the world who make sure the children that they know don’t go hungry, I really can’t stand turkey anymore.

So today as you stuff your face with food, be happy that there is food to stuff in your piehole. And if there is more than turkey and rice or beans and rice or tuna and oatmeal (other things we ate every day because they are cheap and filling and which I can’t stand anymore) on your plate to stuff into your tummy than be extra thankful. There are a lot of people out there who don’t have it as good. If you are tempted to whine about your baby sister getting the last piece of brown meat or the last scoop of green bean casserole or the last edged brownie, remember that the only time you should be concerned with someone else’s plate is to make sure they have enough.

louis c k quote

And if you are thinking about donating to your local food bank, awesome! Just make sure to find out what they really can use, versus what you are trying to get rid of from your own pantry. The best present we got one year was a bag of oranges from my friend’s mom, she found out what we didn’t have and gave us that. Fresh fruit. It was amazing. In that vein of giving what is needed, here is a posting on some good ideas of what to donate to your local food bank.

Happy Stuff Your Face Day!

Nerdy Nodds & Nends: Book Fountain, Batman engraving, and the Pickle Index

My mother is forever sending me some of the coolest nerdy things that she finds on the internets. Like this book, that is a fountain. Whaaaahhht. So cool. Find out more here.

The “open book” fountain at the end of Henszlemann Imre utca, in Budapest, Hungary

The Pickle Index is storytelling with modern ingenuity. It uses a digital app, paperback book, and hardcover volumes to create an immersive tale for the ages. “Each is designed to be a standalone experience, but the combined effect is synergistic.” Read the Wired article on this amazing foray into a non-conventional and novel idea (pun intended). Plus, it’s about a circus! What more could you ask for?

This Batman wood engraving is just brilliant. Check it out on Etsy: FFCreativeImagery. [via Global Geek News]

Arkham Batman Batarang Wood Engraving


Top Ten Tuesday: Thanksgiving Themed Freebie


Top Ten Tuesday is a meme by The Broke and the Bookish where fellow book bloggers, and anyone who wants, can contribute to a themed top ten list. Today we are to pick a Thanksgiving Themed list. “Ten books I’m thankful for, authors I’m thankful for, Ten fictional families I’d like to celebrate Thanksgiving with, a personal non-bookish thankful list, etc. etc.” I’m going to go with Ten Fictional Families I’d celebrate Thanksgiving with. Again, these are in no particular order and with no regard to the fact that most of these families would not celebrate Thanksgiving, given that they are not American.

  1. Weasley Family: OK. I think this is obvious. I have red hair and I want to be at a family dinner where there is real magic to be seen. Nobody has to do the dishes!
  2. Azalea and her eleven sisters: Entwined was such a good book and I think I would fit right in with a room full of sisters as I have done that all my life. I may have a thing or two to show Azalea about being the oldest girl and teaching her sisters about creepy strangers.
  3. March Sisters: I always loved Little Women growing up and I think a Thanksgiving meal around their sparse table would be warm day of much laughter and love.
  4. The Cuthberts: I think Marilla’s food would be amazing and Anne’s conversation at the table delightful. Yes, yes I want to go to there.
  5. The Fossils: I’ve always loved the three sisters and their adventures as performance artists. They have a lot going for them and I think a lot of lively conversations must happen around the dinner table.
  6. The Ingallses: They went through some hard times, but they always looked out for each other and supported one another. That is the best kind of family to spend a meal with.
  7. The Bluths: OK. They are totally dysfunctional, but I would just find the situation too entirely bizarre and off the wall to not be highly entertained by their ridiculous antics.
  8. The Mikaelsons: Well, we all know how their Thanksgiving dinners turn out, but did you see that spread, the decorations, the amazing ambiance! Honestly, I would just sit there and let the dysfunction happen around me (and maybe bring some towelettes to clean the blood from my face) just to sit in that gorgeous room.
  9. The New Girl Gang: I mean their Thanksgivings are EPIC! I just, I just want to be a part of just one, one mind you.
  10. The Serenity Crew: I want to go out into outerspace on a spaceship and pretend it’s normal and that the interesting things that happen are Jayne’s off color comments, Shepherd Book trying to pray, and Mal annoyed with everything.

Wolverine Jacket

This weekend we were out and about enjoying a neighborhood we haven’t explored much in the Dallas area and walked into an antique mall, of course. There I found the most amazing denim jacket ever!


Some of you may have seen this picture on my Instagram or Titter, but I had an awesome comment by a Facebook friend that I just had to share.

Tim: wolverine always did have a thing for jean  ……  jackets. 

This is why nerdy friends you met while working at a bookstore are the best.

Webseries Review: LARPs The Series and Some Honorable Mentions

This is another webseries I found while browsing for a couple more to review. It is hosted by Geek & Sundry. [via Raindance]

Summary from their Youtube channel:

In a LARP, or live action-roleplaying game, players assume the identity of their chosen character and physically perform their actions (as opposed to simply describing them). LARPs: The Series follows a group of friends and their journey through both their imaginary and real lives.

One of the reasons I picked this series to review is because I love the thought of LARPing. How much fun! Also, as it is hosted on Geek & Sundry I figured it had to be produced fairly well, and it definitely is. Good sets, good lighting, good sound production, excellent writing, and really great acting. The music added rather than took away from each episode. I also enjoyed the bit of explanation/trivia provided at the beginning of each epsiode so that you do not need to have a great understanding of LARPing to enjoy the series.

What I really dug was that the series is about the humans behind the LARPing. While the LARP characters may be a tad overboard and poorly acted, the humans behind the LARPing were not. They were played with subtly and humor and realism. Behind every fun geeky thing, the aspect that usually pulls me in the most is the human element, the humor, the relatability of the characters. If you like comedy, relatability, and geekisms in your webseries, definitely check this one out.

The first episode is below.

Honorable Mentions:

“Night Time with Harvey O’King” by Matt Wisniewski. This was not my cup o’ tea as I am not into weird horror puppetry, but someone out there might be. Have at it!

“Bun In The Oven” by Chris Weir about a boy who meets a girl who can’t find adoptive parents for her baby so the boy tries to sell the baby. There was some good humor bits, but not enough substance behind the characters to keep my interest. However, some of you may like the humor bits and they are not long episodes.

The Jolly Rogers Case Files” by Melissa Malone. If you enjoyed the Peter Pan webseries earlier this week, check out their other webseries that “follows Jane Hook & her team in misadventures in ghost hunting.”

Power Couple” by Andy Kushnir. The writer of Through the Door has another series about a “couple that runs a charity for the blind but terrorizes their employees.”

And here is a link to 10 Webseries You Should be Watching in 2015.

Webseries: Written It Down

I found this gem while searching for more webseries to enjoy. I watched the first season which is a series of couples breaking up, unscripted. It is a riot. [via Raindance]

Summary from their YouTube Channel:

“Delivering bad news is hard to do… especially when you don’t know what it is”

A completely unscripted new comedy show that puts two people in the ultimate uncomfortable situation without any idea where it’s going to go next.

In each episode a couple sits down and one of them reads a piece of paper with the reason for the break-up and the scene begins. It is comedy improv at its best. The improv actors know their craft and they know how to play off of each other. Each of the episodes had me laughing, but I guess my favorite was the third couple. You can watch it below. I just wish that at least one of the couples had been LGBT, like the Chicago series I reviewed yesterday.

Since each scene is in a public place, all they needed was access to a couple of cafes and pubs. Each setting is a little different, but familiar, in the way that cafes and pubs usually have familiar settings. The lighting is good and the sound production is as well. I liked the music intro into and exiting the scene helped segue the comedy.

With each episode only about four or five minutes and only five episodes in the first season you can breeze through it quickly with a lot of laughs.

Webseries Review: Through the Door

In August I was contacted by Andy Kushnir writer for the webseries “Through the Door.” Andy is located in Chicago and all the actors are from the local comedy/improv schools. How could I not be interested in a series that stars people from Second City. I still remember with great fondness my own time spent there.

“Through the Door” is a series about “those foot-in-mouth moments that take place in every relationship. Each episode highlights a different couple who get into an argument resulting in one of them locking themselves in the bathroom. The meat of the episode takes place as the two work through their problem, Through the Door.”

I thought this was a clever concept. Each scene takes place in an apartment building and all they really needed for the sets were a bathroom and a hallway. Can I just take a minute here to say how much I really really miss Chicago apartments. They are full of crannies, weird entry ways, real wood floors, and steam heaters. I miss my Chicago apartment on a daily basis. It had FRENCH DOORS! Texas is full of high ceilings, laminate floors, and carpet. So much carpet. Besides the nostalgia, I thought the apartment sets were a great idea, it meant having only six homes to film in. The shots taken in the bathrooms were cleverly done and interesting, I was afraid a shot of a person in a bathroom would get old, but it did not. The light and sound production was very good, to the extent I didn’t really notice it except to note I should make a point of saying so in my review.

But the best part was each and every couple and their dilemma. The writing was excellent, the acting really great, and I laughed every single episode. Such mundane little moments that show how people use laughter in their relationships to get over those bumps in the road. My favorite episodes were four and six and not just because they were LGBTQ inclusive. Dance recitals are the worst, though admittedly not as bad as Sound of Music remakes. Snide comments at parties are hard to take back and can be demoralizing and don’t help with anti-social tendencies.

If you want a laugh, check out “Through the Door.” With each episode lasting only about five minutes it wont take you long to get through all six . You can watch the first episode below and all of them here.

Wings – Episode One from Andy Kushnir on Vimeo.