Television Review: Fringe Friday: O’s No’s

Where will you be? Great vid on the end of the world as Fringe knows it.

There was no Fringe episode last week, so I provide you with a video to keep you held over until Fringe returns on April 15, which apparently is a magic number day or something. Why are all my shows on hiatus!!!! So mad. To keep my self from actually going mad (aka crazy) I went back and re-watched an episode of Fringe and have posted my review of it after the jump. This episode deals with Olivia and Peter’s new relationship and Walter’s inadequacies without Bell. I really enjoyed a lot of the concepts in this story line, and I think that Anna Torv is pretty amazing with her ability to be other people. Once again, this is a play by play review of the episode.

The episode opens with Walter sitting with the security guy played by Jorge Garcia (also known as Hurley from Lost and who has recently been cropping up on t.v. shows as a guest appearance) watching the monitors while getting high. Walter looks at the screens spread before him, commenting that each of them reveals a moment, together in symphony. (He really gets some of the best lines in this show). Walter notices a strange door and the security guard tells him that it’s the door to William Bell’s old office. No one enters it. Wonder how long that lasts?

Not long. Next we see that Walter has dragged a bunch of boxes into Nina’s officer because he has found Bell’s old files, by going into Bell’s unused office, and is trying to go through the files to see if they reveal a way to protect this world. Walther accidentally lets it be known that Olivia and Peter are together as a couple. Nina is happy, it is obvious she thinks that because Peter has chosen to be with this Olivia, he will save this world. But she doesn’t know about Peter’s child, yet unborn, on the other side. I’m thinking that’s a game changer.  This story isn’t as simple as Peter’s love for Olivia vs. Fauxlivia, and the end of the world. Which I just realized, they’ve set up for next season in 2012. Coincidence? Since it is J.J. Abrams, I think not. Walter questions that he wont be able to succeed in saving this universe without Bell’s help, and he is determined to find a way to bring Bell back. Nina dismisses the idea, and tells Walter that the thing that makes him great is his creativity. Oh Nina, why do you dismiss Walter’s crazy ideas so readily, this is Fringe after all. Something is bound to come forth from that hairy head of his, and spring forward into reality.

Suddenly two men are climbing seeming up a wall, but really it is down a wall. Where what looks like weighted boots are waiting (ha ha, get it?). A security guard shows up and shoots one of the intruders. The dead man begins to float, tethered to the ground by a safety harness. The story line for this episode is introduced with a dead man floating, how unique.

Olivia calls Peter who is sitting in front of a monitor looking thing that has the memory chips from the shape shifters that he has killed attached to it. The whole point of this conversation is to show that Peter is still lying to Olivia. He’s a con man, can we really expect anything else? It’s quite easy to get caught up in the romance of the story and forget Peter’s introduction to the show as a con man, this would be a mistake.

The team arrives on the scene of the dead man floating and a check of the premises shows that nothing has been taken. However, as luck would have it, a key-card, that does not belong to the place, is found and Broyles begins to track down its origins. Seriously, do you know how long this would take in real life with all the bureaucratic red tape? No, neither do I, but I am guessing it’s a lot longer than a day. (I’m gonna go off on a little rant here. I’m getting tired of shows forcing people to stay in their work place for the entire day that they solve the mystery. Take Bones for example. A recent story arc is Cam’s inability to have a relationship because she is always staying late to catch the killer that they always find in one day. THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN!!!! Killers are not caught in a work day, it takes months of tracking down leads and questioning people to find a perpetrator. Ugh. Which is why I just love The Wire. Far more realistic of actual police, politicians, and lawyers working than any other show I’ve seen.) Peter pulls up one of the boots, it is indeed weighted. Did I call that one or what? Cause, I did, check above if you don’t remember. Walter checks the body and notices that the calf muscles are under developed and have atrophied. Peter points out that the torso still looks normal.

The antagonistic for the episode arrives and it’s Cameron from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Ok, so it’s the actor. But you know what I mean. (Also fair warning, I call him Cameron throughout this review. Deal with it.) He is confronted by the intruder who got away, the intruder tells Cameron about the dead man floating. He also mentions he’s not feeling so well. Cameron tells the intruder to meet him at the lab. The intruder slumps over the wheel of his vehicle. Dead?

Back at Walter’s lab Peter is going through Bell’s old files at the request of Walter, who thinks the files may have the answer to how a man filled with the densest element in the universe is still floating. Then the dead man floating sinks a little bit onto the gurney/autopsy table. Walter notes that the effects are wearing off. Boyles arrives, the key-card was traced, mere minutes later. At Cameron’s lab, the intruder confronts Cameron with bloody eyes. So he’s not dead, yet. What is with all the bloody eyes on television shows today? Someone dies of something supernatural or weird and it’s either bloody eyes or they are throwing up blood. My mom and I make a game out of when we think the patient on a House episode is going to throw up blood. Not if, but when. I get that it creates a visceral feeling in the audience, but I think it is and over used trick and I’m no longer concerned by it. Find a new way to get my attention. Please. Cameron explains, with real regret, that the effects were not supposed to be permanent, that fighting gravity has consequences. And yup, now the intruder really dies.

In Walter’s lab the dead man finally sinks to the ground. Astrid can’t lift him off the ground, neither can Walter, even though he sighs at Astrid for not being able to do so. Walter’s treatment of Astrid throughout the show is very annoying to me. He can’t do anything himself. And whenever he says he will, she just brushes him away. Grow a spine. Tell Walter to get rid of his own gallons of blood. Walter mumbles to himself and has Astrid test for osmium, he can’t understand how the densest natural element, osmium, can make a man float. (Osmium has the symbol Os, and is used in fountain pen tips. Which explains the title of the episode, and why Walter saves all that blood for writing his research, wait no. That didn’t happen.)

Olivia and Peter are in the car on their way to check out where the key card is from. We enter the scene in the middle of a conversation about trust and secrets. Olivia is happy that there are no more secrets between the two of them, that there is “full disclosure.” She doesn’t like how he rubs her back in such small circles in one spot that it feels like he is burrowing into her skin. I read somewhere, and for the life I me I can’t remember where, that this may be the same spot where the memory chips are hidden on the shape shifters’ bodies and that Peter is rubbing that particular spot on Olivia because he is thinking about the shape shifters subconsciously. Interesting theory. Olivia says that their new game, full disclosure, is about trust, so it’s a great game if two people are playing. Either she knows something is up with Peter or she is probing to see if he is is conning her about trust.

Cameron takes tissue samples from the intruder that died. Peter and Olivia show up on his monitors, he leaves the warehouse as quickly as possible. Peter and Olivia find the now dead intruder and continue to search the warehouse because Olivia reasons there must be a third thief. Peter and Olivia find a freezer full of dead bodies. I flash back to an episode of NCIS where the team finds a chop shop of body parts in a freezer. I flash back to Fringe where the Walter says they need to test for Os, that the bodies were probably injected with the substance, and that he needs to autopsy all of the bodies. Broyes comes out of the warehouse, there are 8 wheel chairs. Walter realizes that the atrophied legs from the first victim mean that he probably has muscular dystrophy, they probably all do (he of course means the freezer burned bodies). Peter muses that it was probably easy to get eager volunteers because its a “Deal with the devil nobody would pass up.” Sometimes Peter has the best lines.

Speaking of wheel chairs, we catch up to Cameron at a basket ball game where everyone apparently has some type of muscular dystrophy. Cameron knows one of the guys playing and talks to him. The kid goes back to the game and Cameron spies some dude watching the game forlornly. His next victim? The new dude says he doesn’t believe in miracles any more, but Cameron promises him one. Yep, new victim.

The team is back in the lab trying to figure out a common denominator among the frozen victims. What, weren’t you watching the show? They all play basketball with each other. Peter decides to take Olivia out for pizza, they’ve been at the files too long. They are holding hands as they walk the halls, until they spot Nina and drop each others hands like hot potatoes. Peter tells Nina that he has been working on the background of shape shifters. Not sure why he decides to blurt this out. But Nina over looks this very important piece of information with a comment about not letting go of Olivia’s hand because she wants to see them happy. Of course she does, she wants her universe to exist and the other one to collapse on itself.

Walter catches up to Nina and explains that he wants to bring back Bell with the help of soul magnets, he just needs to figure out the trigger. In Walter sequitor he goes to question is why and how this man (Cameron) would be messing with the fundamental physics of the universe. If only Bell was there, Walter would be able to figure it out. Cameron has his new volunteer in his clutches and is indeed injecting the man with what we can only assume is Os. Cameron tells the new volunteer that he needs to wear these weighted boots to keep him grounded, or he will just float up into space and die. Well, Cameron doesn’t actually say that, he just implies it. Actually Cameron doesn’t say anything in the episode because that is not the name of the character, Cameron belongs in Ferris Bueller’s Chicago. But you know what I mean.

Walter has discovered that the elements are opposite. Cold melts things now. We discover that Cameron’s son has muscular dystrophy. It’s all coming together. Walter’s tests reveal that in fact the victims have all been injected with two substances, both rare elements that are extremely dense. The newest element to the table is so rare its only found in meteorites. Walter asks excitedly, do you think the perpetrator is from outer space? Olivia replies dryly, “Probably not.” As if after all they’ve been through the past few seasons, this is an unreasonable conjecture. The team heads over to the Museum of Science where a robbery is in progress. The new volunteer is being pulled down from the ceiling by a heavy flashlight to a display case of meteorites.

While the security official is assuring Broyles that the place is secure, Peter remarks that their security is not solid enough. Is he talking about the security in question or the floating dead man? Is this a pun? Because I’m not really laughing. Then the requisite Fringe chase scene happens, but instead of blowing up gas stations this time the chase involves a floating man. The team captures Cameron and Peter jumps onto the free floating volunteer thief dude before he escapes to the ceiling. I don’t get why the volunteer is suddenly scared. Is there a hole in the ceiling? Is he afraid of floating out into space and then exploding. This is my best guess, though I can’t really tell if there is a break in the ceiling or not. Assumptions would be that there is, that is how he got into the Museum in the first place. So, Peter’s capture is really a rescue?

We then have the sad prison scene where Cameron tries to tell his visiting son why he did what he did and why he is in jail. He says that all those victims of his were in wheel chairs and he just “wanted to fix them.” His son gets even sadder, “Is that how you see me? As someone you need to fix?” Cameron claims he only wanted to make his son happy. His son replies that he was happy until his dad started to experiment on innocent people, cutting them up, and then storing them in a freezer. I mean seriously dude, did you think this was going to end well? Have you not seen NCIS? Do you not realize you are on the Fringe show being tracked by the very best FBI agents since the X-files? The son leaves and Walter arrives. He questions Cameron how how Cameron defied the law of  physics. Cameron says he doesn’t know how, he combined two of the densest elements and they made bodies float. Walter realizes that his messing with the Universe 25 years earlier when he kidnapped Peter from the other side is now having such repercussions as elements behaving opposite of the natural order.

Peter and Olivia meet back up in a school/university hallway. Peter tells Olivia that he has not been entirely honest with her. He says how he has been struggling with the fact that he is at the center of the two worlds colliding and the destruction of one of them. That it is his face that is on “The Drawing.” So he has been working on something, and he trusts Olivia’s judgment about his work. “Full disclosure.” he says.Meanwhile, Nina tells Walter, once again, that there are no soul magnets and that Bell is gone. But Walter has figured out the trigger, it’s the bell that Nina inherited from Bell. Walter says, “The Soul is energy, and energy cannot be created or destroyed.” Walter really gets some of the best lines EVER!! Walter rings the bell expecting that Nina will be Bell, but she is not.

Pan back to Olivia as she figures out Peter’s secret. He is the one who has been killing the shape shifters for their memory discs which he has hooked up to some sort of computer. Peter’s work  room contains everything that the team knows about The Machine. Peter explains that the memory discs still work, but they are encrypted and he has not been able to decrypt them. A bell tolls softly. Olivia turns around and faces Peter, and explains that the key for the decryption is at her office at Massive Dynamics.

It’s Bellivia.

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