Harry Dresden Day

I’m a big fan of character crushes, if that wasn’t already evident. I don’t have a whole lot of celebrity crushes, only because I make a distinction between liking a character and realizing that I can never really “know” a celebrity, because I don’t actually know them, enough to like them. So I crush the character quite happily. Today is Harry Dresden Day. Soon the latest book in the series will hit the shelves (in July) and I will get another dose of this fantastic series. If you haven’t checked out Jim Butcher’s great sci/fi series, DO IT NOW!!!

Cool fan art by The Gryph on DeviantArt.

Fan art of Harry and Murphy by Bohemian Art Labs.

And some Thomas and Molly fan art here.

T-Shirts and other products at Cafe Press:

The t.v. sit-com writers of my life like to use “Let’s create another weird character” scenario far too often.

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