Television Review: Fringe Friday: Finally Forward

Fringe returns tonight with an all new episode. Yay!! According to the promo and for the next four weeks there will be a new Fringe episode leading up to the season finale on May 6th. Tonight’s episode is titled, Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (commonly referred to as LSD), sounds trippy.  I did not have the time to review an old episode of Fringe for your reading pleasure, so instead I am posting TV Fanatic’s Fringe Review on episode “Subject 13”, t-shirts to buy, two promos for tonight’s episode, and another “where will you be” video. Check all this out after the jump.

Can’t get enough Fringe? Check out the very detailed review from TV Fanatic on Fringe episode Subject 13 when we go back in time to understand what exactly Walter did to all those kids, especially Peter and Olivia.

Find Fringe flavored apparel here, here , and here.

Tonight’s episode looks awesome! This show is always a great mind bender, and tonight looks especially so.

The following “Where will you be” promo video (part 3), has some strange sounding audio at the end of it. Apparently when played backwards it says, “A Demon’s Twist Rusts.” Fringe Television points out that this “unscrambles to spell ‘Don’t Trust Sam Weiss’.” (Don’t remember who Sam Weiss is? Well I remembered him, but he’s the “Kinda Creepy Bowling Dude” in my head. Check out his Fringe wiki page to get caught up. Now, that’s all clever and well, but I discovered that the phrase also unscrambles to spell “man sets out wrist” or “man struts dot wise.” So you know, take the unscrambling with a bit of salt.

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