Make Up Class Photo

Check out this group photo of a monster make up class. I think the art of costume make-up is way cool, and these nerd/artist show how much fun it can be.



Peter Jackson’s Hobbit Vlog

Awesome vlog by Peter Jacks on on the filming of The Hobbit:

Television Review: Fringe Friday: LSD Learnings

This episode involves drugs, cartoons, and zepplins. It is exciting, mind bending, and involved. I enjoyed it immensely. Check out my review after the jump.

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AT-AT America

Star Wars abounds on nerd sites every day. But I found this amazing AT-AT Street Art  and a campaign to bring a life-sized AT-AT to America.

However, this life size AT-AT may not make it off the ground.

Robocop fans raise money to build a statute. Ok, what is with spending millions of money on building huge toys!!!  Can we not raise money for something a little more important? I’m all for geeking out, but this is excessive. We have people who play (sports) games who get paid 99 million dollars over a 5 year period,  meanwhile the average pay for a teacher is  37,500 (Illinois). Can we get our priorities straight, at least until the economy gets, I don’t know, a tad better? Maybe we can all throw away our money on something like this instead, it’s both educational/community oriented and geek worthy of our hard earned dough, like getting comics into schools [Edit: which did fortunately get all of its funding. Yay!].

Ok. Rant over. Watch this great comedy sketch on why George Lucas has female issues.

Doctor Who Arrives Saturday

After the unfortunate and untimely death of a Doctor Who actor Elisbeth Sladen, the new Doctor Who arrives Saturday with a bit of sadness.

Haven’t been able to catch up on the past five years yet? Well check out this Doctor Who exposition of all the doctor incarnations over the past 47 years in just 6 minutes.

Do those guys breath?

Watch this Neil Gaiman interview with possible minor spoilers about his upcoming episode.