Book Review: The Knife of Never Letting Go

It is hard to review The Knife of Never Letting Go (first book in the trilogy Chaos Walking) without including spoilers. Every turn of the page reveals more and more about the town Todd grows up in, the planet he lives on, and the dog he cares for that can talk to him. So, if this review is short, which it will be, that is only because of my keen interest in letting the book reveal its own spoilers and not my words. If you like dystopian universes that involve coming of age stories, The Knife of Never Letting Go is a must read.

Todd Hewitt is about to turn 13, the day he becomes a man. He is not sure what this means exactly, but he eagerly anticipates the day because all of his friend are already men and have stopped speaking to him. Todd lives with his foster parents Ben and Cillian because his mother died when the Spackle (the people indigenous to the New World) released a virus that killed all the female humans and made it such that every man can hear every other man’s thought. They call this the Noise.

But all is not as Todd was led to believe and as the story develops Todd evolves toward becoming the man he wants to be, different than the man he thought he would be. This is a really awesome story about perceptions, what we are taught and what really is. It also delves into gender differences and discusses in a way few young adult books (or even adult books) ever really do- the power behind the difference in genders. Did I say to read this book? Because you definitely should

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