Television Review: Fringe Friday: 6:02 A.M. Eastern Time to Hit the Snooze

This episode switches between both Universes to show what happens when The Machine is turned on. The count down begins to the end of the season, and the possible end of one of the Universes. I really don’t see how they can just kill off one entire Universe. I’m hoping that between the two Olivia’s and Peter they can figure out a way to save everyone. But I also don’t see how a show could continue to be about two Universes. So, I really can’t decide what the writers are going to do. The one thing that really bugged me about this episode is Walter’s incessant pity party. Major ugh factor there. Stop whining and fix things already. I do like that Astrid seems to be gaining a back bone, so we’ll see if that continues.

Preview for Tonight: Spoilery so you are warned.

The show opens in the Alt Universe (AU) with a span on the still copper colored statute of liberty. It’s Walter and the Scientist (I’m sorry, but I can never remember his characters name. And frankly he is the exact same character in each universe, so he just sort of blobs into my mind as the Scientist) who are talking about straining Fauxlivia’s blood of her DNA to have just Peter’s DNA in order to activate The Machine and save the AU. Walternate wonders at what cost do they save the AU. He says, “Now I am become Death. Destroyer of worlds.” Personally, I gotta believe that there is a way to save both universes. Is the show really going to give up one great universe with it’s cast of characters to keep just one of the Universes alive? Then I remember it’s J.J. Abrams, and I think, God Damn it!

Our Universe (OU) opens with spooked sheep. A swarm of locusts crests over the hill and buzz past the farmer in his truck. Like it is the apocalypse. A bright light fills the area. “What is that?” questions the farmer. Nothing good, I assure you, farmer dude. Nothing Good. Bowling Ball Dude notices that the bowling balls are knocking together like that desk toy people have as a meditation thing. The Bowling Ball Dude goes to his office and pulls out a contraption. OMG! It’s a that desk toy meditation thing! I need to move to Holly wood to get paid for this shit. And my weird dreams. I could make a mint.

Peter and Olivia are in bed. Olivia gets up to pee. Walter is walking around naked. Um, can we get a bit more of Joshua Jackson walking around free style? Not John Noble. I’m begging. I know there was a lot of animosity between people who were Team Dawson, but personally I’ve always been Team Percy. Olivia crawls back into bed with Peter, and mentions Walter in his birthday suit. Peter chuckles, oh yah. He says, it’s Tuesday. Olivia sighs as she snuggles, “I could get used to this.” DON’T SAY THAT!!!! Damn Olivia, must you? Must you?

Back at the sheep farm, the sheep, locust, and farmers have disappeared. There is a military base near by, but it’s not experiments. Ok, greatest crossover idea ever! A Fringe episode investigates an occurrence near Eureka!!! Walter discovers that the area contains quarts crystals which only appear under extreme physical pressure. Walter hypothesizes that there was a vortex that appeared over the field consuming everything in it’s path. Peter questions Walter how this could happen, what is the trigger. Um, duh Peter, it’s the other side. Nina calls the team to let them know that The Machine has turned on by itself.

Peter is upset because he is not the power horse every thought he was. Walter has checked on the readings and he says that the only other time the readings (about The Machine) happened when Fauxlivia was there using the type writer. He says that Walterntate must have turned on The Machine. So, his Peter going to finally find out that he’s a baby daddy? Nope, Walter admits he doesn’t know. Astrid informs the group that there have been more incidents, organic life is decimated. Walter is depressed, there is no way to stop the end of the world from happening.

In the AU Fauxlivia is strolling around with her three week old baby. She gets upset that she is called into work because it is her day off. Um, is there no maternity leave in the AU. Sheesh. I mean the woman had a baby after being pregnant for like a day. Don’t tell me that’s easy on the female form. Fauxlivia arrives at the scene of the Event. Agent Lee is there and explains that it is a Class 10 event. But he get’s a call and is ordered to stand down. Fauxlivia questions why. Agent Lee says, “Explanations are above my pay grade.” I love this line. I’m gonna start using it. Walternate is pacing he is upset because the degradation of the AU is happening at an accelerated rate. Fauxlivia arrives at his office to demand answers, why are they not containing the event at the Statute of Liberty. She asks, is it the technology I brought back from the OU? What happens to the OU? Peter is over there. Waltnernate, “Peter chose to leave. He chose his allegiance…. I chose to give up my son so that you could keep yours.” Day-mn, guilt trip much?

Astrid back in the OU wonders how to stop The Machine. Peter suggests taking it apart. Walter negates that suggestion, he says it is too dangerous. Astrid says, Our world is tearing apart at it’s seems. She is getting better lines. Walter is really upset because he realizes that anything they do will have dire consequences. His little rant reminds me of Giles on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He was always having to pronounce the end of the world, every week. And it has to ring true every week. Which is not hard because every week the show is going through some sort of apocalypse. Olivia helps set up a protocol to measure the events based on her experience with the AU. She heads off to NYC to help out Nina. Walter suggests encasing The Machine in lead. Peter stops him, “We both know there is another way.”

Peter think he can turn off The Machine if he can turn it off. He wonders if that is what the draw of him all angry face with The Machine exploding around him means. He goes, somehow The Machine was made for me. Which means that the first people knew about some Savior/destroyer? and knew he looked like Peter. Walter doesn’t like that idea, he thinks that Peter could die. Peter says, if I don’t we all could die. Walter mumbles, “Give him the keys and save the girl.”

Um, what?

Fortunately Peter asks the same question. Walter explains that he is quoting the Observer who was apparently preparing him to let peter go. Walter must sacrifice Peter to fix the problems he created. Peter goes, I think this is what I’m supposed to do. Peter does his heroic march to The Machine. Peter’s heroics make it hard to remember he’s just a con man who murdered a bunch of shape shifters to get their memory chips.

Nina and Olivia are discussing the very real fact that there is not enough amber in the OU to contain the events that are happening. Nina says that they need to find Sam Wiess because he knows more about The Machine than he says. In fact the books (where did these come from? I can’t remember) that they have, the titles all are anagrams of his name. Olivia vows to find him and figure out what is going on. Sam Weiss makes a lot of pretty lights that interrupt a make out session.

Fauxlivia sings Henry to sleep. Awwness. I wish that this was contrived, but damn Anna Torv’s character breaks my heart. Agent Lee is with her reminiscing. Fauxlivia asks Agent Lee to watch the baby while she goes and does something dangerous. She needs to know that Henry is safe. And since he is in love with her Agent Lee agrees. Ugh, I want to start singing that song from the Little Mermaid, kiss the girl already. Fauxlivia goes after the Scientist with a gun. She knows that Walternate has the technology to cross over and threatens to shoot the Scientist in his knee if he doesn’t help. The Scientist says that it is too dangerous because it breaks down the molecules of the person. So wait, AU has transporter technology. Um, please gimme. Gimme. Gimme Gimme. I HATE traveling. I love being in new places I just really dislike getting there. Beam me up Scotty. Fauxlivia is willing to take the risk so after getting what she wants she knocks the Scientist out. Good girl. I hate when people don’t take out the sorta bad guys, at least leave them incapacitated.

Olivia finds Sam Weiss apartment, but he has moved out. Broyels asks Walter if Peter can really stop The Machine. Walter says that his opinion doesn’t count because he isn’t a good father. Ugh, this pity party gets to me. Ugh. Stop whining already. Broyles still wants his opinion so Walter says that he honestly doesn’t know what will happen, The Machine is full of high energy, it could be bad. Peter tells Broyles, if this works, and I save both universes, I want you to consider me officially retired. He hugs everyone. I want a hug from Peter, he looks like a good hugger (apparently hugger is not a word, it should be). Peter tells Walter it is time to let me go. So, when did that smart ass kid from the Might Ducks become the hero of an adult science fiction TV show? Peter goes up several stories of steps to touch The Machine and unsurprisingly gets thrown backwards from a great height and hits the ground. He is rushed to the hospital. Astrid tells Olivia that Peter is seemingly fine, he has no head trauma, but he just wont wake up. The Machine wouldn’t let Peter enter it, like it is protecting itself.

Walter monologues in the Chapel. He prays to God and continues on with his pity party. He tells God to punish him and spare the world. Olivia sees the sun crossing the hospital floor and steps outside to watch the Sunrise. Sam Weiss is there, and tells her to take him to The Machine and to trust him. Dontcha know Olivia the moment a man tells you to trust him, is the moment you should stop? Walternate visits Fauxlivia in her jail cell, she did not make it out of the AU to get to Peter. Walternate tells Fauxlivia her ideals make her dangerous, her actions make her a traitor, but because she is the mother of his grandson he will let her live, he is just going to keep her locked up while the OU world ends.

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