Television Review: Supernatural: The Man Who Would be King.

I meant to put up a review of Thor today, because I meant to go and watch it this weekend. The problem with working two jobs and some odd 60 hours a week is that your weekend is basically a day and a half. This does not always leave time to get everything done that you wanted to get done, and consequently Sunday evening at 8:45 p.m.  as I dragged myself off the couch to put on jeans to go and watch a late showing of Thor, I realized that I was just going to go pay some chunk of change in order  to sit in a dark theater room to fall asleep. So Thor awaits me next weekend.

But I did get to watch Supernatural this weekend, and let me tell you it was a doozy!

For some reason I thought it was the season’s finale, but turns out that is actually May 20 (or 22nd) the channel commercials were telling us both. This Friday on the episode “The Man Who Would Be King, ” we find out exactly what Cas has been up to since the Apocalypse stated. And I have to say, I did not see his involvement with a certain fallen angel/demon coming. Well, not the extent of their involvement with each other anyway.

This episodes narrative format reminded me of last season’s final episode where Chuck the Prophet (I miss Chuck, he is one character I wish they had kept this season) tells the story of the Impala and wisely speaks forth the episode. This week it was Cas telling us his side of the story that we have not seen the entire season. What exactly he has been doing in between popping in and helping the boys. The episode is his prayer for help because he is not sure what he is doing is right.

What has he been doing? Teaming up with Crowly to free souls from purgatory to create an army large enough to over throw Raphael’s would be reign of the Heavens. This is heavy stuff coming on the heels of Mommy Dearest and Eve’s condemnation of the angels overthrowing the natural order of things. And I feel from Cas, God is no where to be found and his family is fighting like a bunch of inbred hill billy skunks. But when Dean turns to him and says,”We don’t make deals with the devil.” Which is harsh, because they all have stood on the crossroads and kissed away a deal. But it was especially heart breaking when Cas turned to him and said, “Where were you when I needed to hear that?”

This episode was played with just enough humor (37 stories pretty high for the first tower huh?) to offset all the drama, that the entire episode was pure heart. I cannot wait for the two hour season premiere. Hopefully the CW does pick up Supernatural for another season, because I’m not done watching Cas make mistakes, or the boys fight through the hurt, or Bobby try to redeem himself by ever steering the boys in the right direction.

I guess Sheppard was right in his interview when he said, “Do we ever really die in scifi?” Apparently not. I just hope this means his character on Warehouse 13 comes back too.

(From what I gather the season finale will be a two-parter on May 20th, but fair warning I did see, at least on my television channel, that it would be moved to Sunday. Hopefully this confusion clears up as the week progresses.)

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