SciFi, CrimeFi

Science fiction and crime fiction explained from a writer of both. I found this article fascinating, and an interesting take on stories that are dear to our hearts.

By Warner Bros. [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


SyFy’s Summer

Here is a promo trailer thingy for SyFy’s summer line-up, including shots of Warehouse 13 and Eureka! Mondays are gonna be a great day! Can’t wait to watch Felicia Day’s performance on Eureka. 😀 Big happy grin here. Woot!! I can’t wait for this summer’s television shows, they make my geeky heart thump loudly.

Super Punch

The website Super Punch often does a round up of pictures they’ve found on the Internet. This particular posting caught my attention and made me smile. Such a cute mash-up of Disney and Star Wars characters. Check out

Time Traveling Photos

Here are are some more Men In Black III, photos on the new movie coming out next May. Apparently the story is one where Will Smith’s character goes back in time and works with a younger version of Tommy Lee Jones’ character. Could be interesting. The photos are of a diner in the Bronx where the cast has been filming.