Chuck Changes

If you recall this was a show set to be canceled before fans stepped in with a petition, and Subway helped save the day. Some times protesting nerds to save shows. The season finale airs tonight, May 16, 2011.

**small seasonal spoilers, if  you haven’t seen episodes from this season**

I’m looking forward to seeing the culmination of this season’s mystery intrigue which has included the secret background of Linda Hamilton as Chuck’s mother, the ups and downs of Sarah and Chuck’s relationship while operating as spies, but the most mysterious dynamic of this season is how John Casey (Adam Baldwin) and Morgan Grimes (Joshua Gomez) live together and started acting like a married couple while Grimes is dating Casey’s daughter.  It was touch and go for a while as to a return of Chuck in a 5th Season, but now the NBC has decided not to pick up Wonder Woman they will keep this nerd driven show? [via]

Chuck season finale promo:


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