Movie Review: Thor

This weekend I finally went and saw Thor, which topped the box office for the second weekend in a row. It is no wonder that this action packed drama has taken #1 place in movie viewers hearts. Thor is more than the story of a god wielding a big hammer to make tornado, though there is that too, it is about the relationship a father has with his sons. I thoroughly enjoyed my two hours in the theater eating popcorn, sipping soda, and watching the images flick across the big screen. I would definitely recommend seeing this movie in the theaters, and I’ll probably rent it as soon as it comes out on DVD.

The acting was really phenomenal. Chris Hemsworth is Hollywood’s new leading man. His charisma carries throughout the entire movie, pulling the viewer into the story as though we are right there next to him, shoulder to shoulder, to face with greatness whatever is in our way. The dynamic between Hemsworth and Natalie Portman was sweet and sexy at the same time. Both of them show each other a new way of seeing the universe, without any dramatic fights or ugliness. Their chemistry played off of each other very well, though I was a little surprised to see that Portman’s role became more and more supporting as the movie progressed, instead of leading as the character had begun the story. But I would be very excited to see a Thor II or her character in the Avengers, and I couldn’t say the same about Katie Holmes’ Rachel Dawes, so Portman definitely brought strength to an otherwise easily overshadowed character. Kat Dennings played the comedic relief on the Earth side with a quirky little smile and The Warriors Three on the Asgard side brought both smiles and heart stopping fight scenes.

Kenneth Branagh was the perfect choice as director for this movie. His sense of epicness of the scale of the story brought it to life, with the heart. Brilliant. My only bit of beef was the way he filmed some of the fight scenes as though one were in the middle of the fight instead of watching it. I am not partial to that way of filming fight scenes a) because I don’t actually get to throw a punch and b) it’s nauseating in a theater where you feel you can’t get your bearing and c) you don’t actually get to witness the fight because you are too busy trying to figure out what you are viewing. As I’m a huge fan of watching the graceful dancelike moves of fight scenes, I was a bit annoyed when the view switched to being inside the fight. But overall, I thought that Branagh’s directing was extremely brilliant. He took a movie about gods with powers and made it a movie about a man and his two sons. This brought a sense of warmth, heart, and continuity to the story that could have just been about smashing things with a big hammer.

I had a fabulous time seeing the story unfold. The fight scenes were great and not gratuitous, the filmography was excellent, and seeing Chris Hemsworth’s smile on the big screen was, by itself, worth the $5 I paid to watch the movie.  I’m completely serious. That man’s face breaking into smile was heart stopping.

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See? Great smile. 😀
Screen still from the movie Thor


2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Thor

  1. Too true about the fight scenes. American film still has not paid enough attention to asian action film makers. Pull the camera’s back for god’s sake!
    Chris Hemsworth definitely makes a guy want to go to the gym. I am gonna be in there every day after watching this guy. And while I am not into guys, if I had to be? I would pick him…..yeah I said it.

  2. I had a real good time with this and I wasn’t expecting to but this really kept my interest. Mostly because the tone was so light and very simple. Can’t get any better than that. Good Review!

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