Television Review: Doctor Who: The Doctor’s Wife

Saturday Matt Smith returned once more as the Doctor in the episode, “The Doctor’s Wife.” A very excited Doctor. He has just received mail, and he heads straight off to figure out who sent the message. He lands on a planet full of odds and ends, a junk planet inhibited by four individuals who all have an important role to play in this episode and on the planet. The Doctor tries to get rid of Amy and Rory by dropping them off somewhere along the way, but Amy refuses and where Amy goes, Rory goes. More adventures and plot twists greet the crew after they land on the new planet.

Neil Gaiman wrote this particular episode, and it is full of great dialogue and quirky story lines, bringing forward old commentary with a new twist, pulling together years of Doctor Who plot lines, and coming up with a new image of what it means for the Doctor to be a thief who stole a blue box. I think this will easily be one of the most quotable episodes. I personally thought there were four quite brilliant lines of the episode, but I’m only sharing one. **this has been shown/found on the internet for months now** At some point the Doctor and Amy tell Rory to look out after the other, but Rory of course chooses to follow Amy. She turns back to Rory says that the Doctor needs looking after.

Amy: I told you to look after him.
Rory: He’ll be fine. He’s a Time Lord.
Amy: It’s just what they’re called. It doesn’t mean he actually knows what he’s doing.

See, Brilliant writing.

This episode once again kept to an episodic story line with very little about the over arcing story line of the season, making it new viewer friendly. But Gaiman’s ability to pull from past Doctor incarnations makes it especially new viewer friendly. He explains years of Doctor Who while adding his own sense of what it all means, making the new viewer aware of the mythology of the Doctor while making the long time viewer see things in a new light. This season is shaping up to be a great balance of friendly family fun for all and long viewer mind puzzling intrigue as well. I was, as always, sad to the episode draw to a close, and quite impatiently await this weeks. Read a more extensive review here.

Next weeks Promo:

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