X-Men: First Class Trialers, Promos, and Pictures

There are several more character trailers. Check all of them out here.

New Promos:

Check out a slew of set pictures here.


Muppets mash-up with the X-men is way too awesome, check it out!


Preschoolers, Pirates, and Mermaids, Oh My

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides arrives this weekend with more Jack Sparrow and adding some new mythological creatures to the series. With Penelope Cruz joining the show and some Mermaid/Sirens showing up, I think this portion of the franchise is sure to please, and maybe actually have some chemistry between characters. Strid Berges Frisbey (main mermaid) talks about her research of the role here.

Also, a video that sprung up across the Internet this week, the World’s Cutest Cosplayer. Madison has charisma and awwness up the wazoo. [via The Mary Sue]

And Kermit interviews (best interviewer ever!) several celebrities at a Pirates Black Carpet event. This is hilarious, also, note how many ladies give Kermit kisses. [via The Mary Sue]

New pirate Diamond Select mini-mates come out this summer. And they look awesome!