Misha Collins From Angel to Priest

Misha Collins is involved in a new supernatural thriller, this time a webseries called Divine: The Series. A show about a Priest trying to save fallen souls. You can read more about what the series is about here or watch the producers and actors talk about the making of the series here:

They are raising money to produce the show on Kickstar. While they have already met their goal, I’m sure more money is always appreciated.  You can check out their site and donate here.

I’m a fan of supernatural thrillers and can’t wait to check out this new format of the genre I love. Hopefully, this production lives up to the hype, but frankly anything with Misha Collins and I’m willing to give it a try. 😀 The series appears as much about special effects and gory visuals as it does about philosophy and spiritual musings.

“Does each of us have the free will to decide our destiny or are our decisions preordained by a higher power?”


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