Television Review: Doctor Who: The Rebel Flesh

**SLIGHT SPOILERS*** (If you have seen previews I don’t give anything else away)

Last Saturday the fifth episode of the sixth season of Doctor Who hit the airwaves as the first part in a two-parter. Titled, “The Rebel Flesh” the episode begins with dart throwing and ends with an surprising doppelganger. I was pleasantly surprised by a couple of twists that had stayed out of the previews and am very excited for the 2nd part of this two-parter. So excited I maybe yelled at the television set when “The Rebel Flesh” concluded. But I yell at my t.v. a lot, so that is nothing new.

In “The Rebel Flesh”, the Doctor, Amy, and Rory crash land on an island with a huge old factory that stores some sort of radioactive corrosive acid stuff. Because people kept dying, some scientist or other began to clone four workers and send the clones out to do the extremely dangerous stuff so that “real people” didn’t die, just the “almost people.” The “almost people” are made up of a material called “flesh.” The story becomes very interesting when the Doctor starts asking the hard questions of whether the clones are proper people or not. Amy and Rory take sides, each with a different perspective on the situation because of past experiences. I really felt this episode showed the series going in a different direction with the three main characters getting equal screen time. So much so, that it felt less like the Doctor and his companions than that there are three space travelers landing on a island and trying to help the inhabitants, but each having different ideas of what to do.  It is an interesting change of pace of being less Doctor oriented and more story oriented. I can’t wait for the conclusion of this bit of story line in next weeks episode!

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