Doctor Who Infograph That Will Blow Your Mind

Popping up in a few different places this week was a chart made by Nathanthenerd of the Doctor (9, 10, +11) and his companions graphing the timeline of events. It is absolutely brilliant, amazing, and River’s timeline made my head hurt. Seriously. Check it out, but be sure to read the “key” to the timeline to understand the different colors, circles, “x”s, and arrows. EDIT: The infograph was produced by Nathan the Nerd, you can go to his tumblr here. [via Nerd Bastards]


Torchwood Trailer

An actual trailer, meaning more than 10 seconds of an Earth bomb, was previewed on Access Hollywood (which  means it has some annoying commentary). I really am looking forward to this! I hope that its debut on co-production company Starz means that it will be up on Netflix right away. [via io9]

And  clip:

Check out some cast photos here.

X-Men: The First Class the First Review

Read a first review here, which is not spoilery so that is very nice. 😀

A TV spot

Aand a behind the scenes (actors talking about the movie) clip.

And I just realized that Nicholas Hoult (From About a Boy and the UK television series Skins) plays Beast. Hot Diggity Dog. I think he is a great actor, and he’s one of those child actors that is turning into a very handsome young man. (Unlike that kid from Two and Half Man, I’m sorry, but he needs some grooming lessons.) I can call him a young man since he is seven years younger than me, though probably a whole lot richer. He keeps choosing really excellent roles.

Falling Skies

A new television series, Falling Skies, premieres on TNT this summer. Join the Resistance, and watch Noah Wyle battle an alien invasion. I agree with Action Flick Chick, it is kind of refreshing to see an alien invasion verses the many zombie invasions for a change of pace.[via Action Flick Chick]