Television Review: Supernatural: The Man Who Knew Too Much

I think the title is quite apropos, I’m guessing that this is referring to Sam’s Wall breaking down and he going crazy. So last week I made predictions what would happen with the season finale, I’d like to say that I got everything right, but I was only 95%ish correct. You can read my predictions here. This episode made me jump, shake my head in disbelief, and my jaw dropped to the floor. Supernatural was in fine form, tying up the season’s story arc, and starting to weave next seasons. I’ve personally liked the monster of the week episodic feel to this season, which was much better than I thought after they basically did a series finale last year, and somehow someone revived the series for another season. Usually when the happens not a lot of good comes from it, but Supernatural proves that theory wrong. (I admit it got off to a bit of a rocky start, but really it finishes quite strong)

Well, so the show does open with “Carry on My Wayward Son.” One prediction correct. Dean running from the police, enters the back entrance of a bar, bartender speaks, a woman’s voice i know. Yup, its Erica Cerra who plays deputy Jo Lupo on Eureka! (incidentally, I’ve been watching the past season on Netflix gearing up for the summer’s new season and it is as good as I remember.) God she is gorgeous! Sam has lost his memory. He refuses to go to the hospital because he has a feeling he is running on borrowed time and that he needs to be somewhere. Sam finds an H.P. Lovecraft book in the bar and picks it up as it jogs his memory. Sam has a flashback, and googles the name of a hotel. He decides to head over to the hotel, and the bartender goes with him. Sam jimmies his way into one of the rooms, Bartender Jo says, “Dude who are you?” Sam replies, “Good question.”

cc Ewen Roberts via Wikimedia Commons


The room is full of info on the walls and strings running from maps to other documents. Bartender finds his aliases. They still don’t know his name. Sam flashes again. This time it is of him, Bobby, and Dean going to meet the dragon lady, Elle. She is hiding behind a dumpster and hurt. She was tortured by Crowley and Cas, she gave up the information, and now they know how to get into purgatory. They will be able to open it up, tomorrow, when the moon eclipses. Elle dies (told you someone would die) and Cas appears. Cas implores the boys to go home, so he can stop Raphael from taking over heaven. Cas assures them that he will save Sam after it is all over, if they just stand down. Then he touches Sam.

Sam comes out of his flashback fit and Bartender Jo is asking him if he is ok. He tells her his name is Sam. She asks him what he saw, and he says it is strange.She goes, It can’t get any stranger. I don’t know, but it feels as though Bartender Jo is here for more than just, seeing this through and getting a good nights sleep (I want to make some sort of joke here about Sam ensuring a good nights sleep, but the poor guy has had some serious head trauma, so I’ll go easy on him). Sam explains that he was with two guys, one was a “male model type” (this cracked me up for a good while) and one was an older guy, Bobby. They find Bobby’s address in a book conveniently next to some keys, Bartender Jo decides she is getting off the crazy train. Hmmm, maybe she was just making sure Sam got to the hotel ok. She tries to convince Sam he should take a few days off before tracking down whatever he is tracking down.

Gun shots fire and Sam pushes her to the ground. He turns to see his doppelganger shooting at him. “Sam!” cries out Bartender Jo. Sam flashes. Suddenly we are transported to a warded room with Sam on a bed and Dean leaning over him saying, Sam, please come out of this. I knew there was something weird about the Bartender Jo, she doesn’t really exist! Dean and Bobby argue about what to do now that Cas tore down The Wall in Sam’s head, and they had to put Sam into a Dream State. Dean and Bobby have only 16 hours to stop Cas and Crowley and save Sam. Dean and Bobby take a shot of whiskey.

Back in Sam’s mind, he is driving the car with Bartender Jo in the passenger side and says, “Do you smell whiskey?” Clever transition there. Bartender Jo tries to convince him to go back, but Sam is determined to find his “friends.” Back in the real world Dean flashes a light in Sam’s eye and Sam’s slams on the brakes in dream state from a blinding light. Bartender Jo asks him, what the hell. He goes, its suddenly day! She says, it was always day. He goes, um no. Something really weird is going on here. No Shit Sherlock, moment of the episode. Dean commands Bartender Jo to get back in the car, she obliges him? Ok. He goes to the trunk and finds all their “toys.” He grabs a sawed off shot gun and goes off into the woods hunting something he saw. It’s his Doppelganger hiding out behind some trees. Doppelganger Sam gets the drop on Sam, and explains that they are in a dream. When Cas brought The Wall down, Sam’s mind shattered into pieces. Sam piece and Doppelganger piece. Soul Sam and Non-Soul Sam. “Souls are weak.” Says Soulless Sam, “They are a liability.” Soooo true. Soulless Sam is going to take charge. He attempts to shoot Soul Sam. I forgot just how bone chillingly awesome Jared Padeleki is as Soulless Sam! But Soul Sam gets the drop on him and as Doppelganger/Soulless Sam dies, saying there is yet another one out there who is even worse, his energy is transferred to Soul Sam.

Screen Still from Supernatural

Sam walks back to the car and Bartender Jo is leaning up against it looking all bad ass and sexy. I know who you are, says Sam. He has all his memories back from the Soulless Sam. I figured this chick had to have more of a story than crazy girl following crazy guy around the state. Flashback to Sam killing Bartender Jo who was being used as leverage by a demon. “There goes your leverage.” Says Soulless Sam in the flashback to the demon. Wowza, Flashbacks, Present state, Dream State, this episode is timeline complicated. Sam tells Dream State Bartender Jo, “I’m so sorry.” “Not as sorry as you are going to be.” She says right before she disappears.

Back in the present timeline, Dean is watching over Sam, glass of whiskey in one hand, when Bobby shows up with Blond Balthazar. “How’s sleeping beauty?” Asks Balthazar, “I trust you didn’t steal any kisses?” Best line ever. Balthazar hands over a piece of paper with the address of Crowley and Cas. Cue Crowley handing over to Cas a supernatural shake of virgin blood and purgatory being blood. Cas tells Crowley he is renegotiating their deal, Cas is gonna take all the souls, Crowley doesn’t get any. My proposed fight scene between Cas and Crowley coming up? “Have your forgotten you are the ‘bottom’ in this relationship?” Crowley demands of Cas. I take it back, THAT was the best line ever. You can’t break a contract of this magnitude, Crowley tells Cas. “Flee, or Die.” Cas replies. Now whose on Top?

In Dream State Sam enters a room full of candles. A man in shadows at a small table, with a knife next to his hand. It’s the Sam that remembers hell. Back in the Present, Dean and Bobby are gearing up to go after Cas and Crowley. Dean leaves the address where they are going and a gun for Sam in hopes he will wake up. Aww Dean, thanks for the note, the gun is lovely too.WTF? Setting a loaded gun next to an unconscious person’s head. This, is so not cool.  Sam is at Bobby’s, I thought that was his place, figuring that the old spice and rum he smells means his body is at the Real Bobby’s place. If he could just get back to his body maybe he could wake up. I’m the last piece, says Hell Sam, you have to be put back together before you can wake back up. Which means if Sam wants to be whole and awake, he will have to know what it was like to be in Hell. Well, I know Dean is drinking away his Hell experience, but it is doable. So Sammy, be a big man like your older brother Dean and remember Hell. Sam knifes Hell Sam and absorbs his energy and memories.

Screen Still from Supernatural

Cas still hasn’t drunk the blood mixture,  he calls on Balthazar to find the traitor in their midst. He then monologues how he is trying his best in an impossible situation and everyone is against him. Cas kills Balthazar. OOOOH KAY. That I did not see coming. Dean and Bobby show up to find the place is being guarded by Angels. Dozen or so of them. How are we going to take out that many angels? asks Dean. “We don’t.” Says Bobby, “We Ninja our way in.” I Double Take It Back, because *that* is the best line EVER!!! The ground shakes and Dean wonders if a T-rex is on its way, nope just a shit ton of demons. Bobby and Dean scramble to get back into the car. Which is then flipped over and engulfed by demons who storm the house. Well, maybe the demons and angels will fight it out and Dean and Bobby wont have to lift a finger.

Crowley catches up to Cas. Never underestimate the King of Hell. He tells Cas. Cas tries to exorcise Crowley, but he is unable to do so. Crowley has a new bed partner (hee hee hee) it is Raphael. I can’t let you have all that power, says Raphael to Cas. “If anyone is going to be the new god, it’s me.” Raphael intones. You have two options, says Crowley to Cas. He mockingly continues in a deep gravely voice, “Flee, or die.” Raphael and Crowley have the blood. Crowley begins to chant in Latin. Dean and Bobby are crawling up a wall, Ninja style. Dean throws an angel sword at the back of Raphael’s head, she/he catches it. Damn. Crowley throws Dean and Bobby around the room like rag dolls.

Sam arrives on the scene to find the car overturned. His body is fighting itself, still. Crowley finishes his Latin, but the gate to purgatory does not open. Cas arrives, you said it right, he tells Crowley, but he didn’t have the real blood mixture. Raphael demands the blood. Crowley goes, “You…. The game’s over, his jar is empty.” Did Cas get one up on them? Cause I think he did. “How’d your ritual go?” Asks Crowley, I’m betting better than ours. Cas then explodes in a wash of light. Cas explains he has millions of souls inside of him. Crowley goes, “Sounds sexy. Exit stage Crowley.” And disappears. Cas lets him go, but not Raphael. Nope. Cas snaps his fingers and Raphael EXPLODES. SHEEIIITTT.

I think I have the same dumbfounded look on my face as Dean. Cas has crazy eyes going on about how he saved Dean and was right all along. Dean agrees, placating the crazy person, and then attempts to convince Cas to put the souls back. But Cas wont, he thinks the souls belong with him. He has plans to hunt down Raphael’s followers and punish them. Dean tells Cas how they were family once, and that he almost died for Cas, and if that counts for anything, please don’t do this. He has lost too many people. Cas goes, you are not my family, I have no family. Then Sam stabs him in the back. But nothing happens. Cas says, that wont work. Because I’m not an angel anymore. I’m your new god. A better one. So, you will bow down and profess your love until me your lord. Or I shall destroy you.

And that is all folks, the season ends with Cas AS GOD!!!! Holy Shit. Honestly, I don’t know who the title refers to now? Sam with his knowledge of his soulless state and Hell? Or Cas with all those soul nukes nesting inside of him? Either way, I feel like I’m the one who knows too much and not enough at the same time. God damn cliff hangers!


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