Television Review: Doctor Who: The Almost People

***Spoiler Free Review**

On May 28, 2011, BBC America aired the second part of their mid-season two-parter of Doctor Who. Title, “The Almost People”, this episode was the conclusion to “The Rebel Flesh.” In “The Rebel Flesh,” the Doctor, Rory, and Amy land on an island housing some sort of power companies base of operation. Because it is extremely dangerous work, including boiling vats of acid, the company starts cloning the original workers using Flesh and sending out the doppelgangers to do the risky work. The Doctor discovers what is going on and using his Sonic Screwdriver begins to question whether these “Almost People” are in fact, real people with memories and feelings.

Inevitably, the Almost People and the Original People find themselves at odds with each other as a natural disaster is on the horizon and there is apparently not enough room to get everyone off the island. The TARDIS is acting up again and while the Doctor seems to think he knows what he is doing, we have to wonder if he really does,  if the TARDIS isn’t directing his course is he really were he needs to be? The ending of this two-part story is a huge cliff hanger and shows that yes, the Doctor knows exactly what he is about.

I loved the two-parter, it was exciting and engaging. The Doppelgangers were fairly cool people to follow around, though a time or two I had trouble keeping up with the fast clip accented English of some of the actors. But that’s me. I was confused by having yet another “monster” of the week episode, wishing for some more explanation of The Silence and the larger story arc. But I was brought to task at the conclusion of the episode, once again exclaiming the genius of the producers and writers of this show. “A Good Man Goes to War” airs this coming Saturday, and according BBC America website is the mid-season finale, an exciting conclusion to the two-part story of “The Rebel Flesh” and “The Almost People” where the Doctor discovers who River Song really is.

I…I… why can’t it be Saturday NOW???!!!!

Doctor Who Confidential

Trailer for “A Good Man Goes to War”

Clip from “A Good Man Goes to War”

Another clip, this time of River and Rory

Fan trailer that pulls the important pieces from this season cut with clips from the above trailers and sets up what the mid-season finale should finally reveal (really well done):

They are setting it up as though the Doctor is going to go to war, but I don’t think that is actually what will happen. I think it is going to be Rory, a good man who goes to war to find his wife. But that is just my “gut” feeling, which is no where near as famous as Gibbs’ gut.

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