Music Video Parodies

I’ve had these sitting in my queue line waiting to get posted, but I wanted to write a rant on how geek boys feel that they don’t need to exercise or use face wash and still complain about how they can’t get girls. And I get annoyed that most geek girls do make the effort to keep themselves presentable to society and then get laughed at or disparaged when they are fit and good looking. It seems to me that this is a problem that everyone blames on the girls, for being hot? I don’t know. It annoys the crap out of me. Get off your butt, stop with the gaming for 30 minutes, and run or even walk. Or stop complaining and or/ making snarky remarks.  It’s like they say about voting, if you don’t vote you don’t get to complain. If you don’t take a shower, you don’t get to comment on those who do. Anyway, ok, done with this rant… for now.  Ugh, see thinking about it makes me mad all over again. BAH. Here are the parodies. [via Nerd Bastards]

Some swearing (it’s rap):

Felicia Day, ah you make me laugh.

I found my happy place again


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