Old Spice Geek Guy

So, I’m not really sure who Luke Cage is, but if has Isaiah Mustafa wants to be him, I say we let him. [Edit: Luke Cage is a superhero made so by experimentation which turned his skin to steel and made him extra muscly.] I said Isaiah Mustafa looks the part (here’s hoping he doesn’t feel like the part 😉 ). In fact, he wants to be the character so much he made a fan trailer starring himself in the role. With a couple of sequences shirtless. 😀 [via Topless Robot]

I like how at the end he goes, “The world will know me as Luke Cage.” Sorry dude, the world knows you as the old spice guy with the perfect abs. (I love those commercials for making fun of absolutely everything, said completely dead pan, and then having the best last word ever.) ::giggle::


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