Webseries Review: Blood Light

So, I watched the entire 9 episodes of a new webseries Blood Light. And I have one word- Awesome.

The series starts out strong in some aspects, comedy, and not so strong in others, acting. It is always fun to watch something that makes fun of popular vampire culture, because even though I absolutely love reading such novels as the Sookie Stackhouse Series and The Dresden Files, there is so much camp to them that it is easy to make fun of them. I even enjoyed the Twilight Series (despite is Mormonism dressed up as 18th Century chauvinism), because I appreciate all things campy and supernatural without getting hung up on minor details, like sparkly skin. Even as I make fun of said sparkly skin. But the reason I like such things as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Moonlight was because of their camp and ability to make fun of themselves. It’s an ongoing theme with such shows, just take Supernatural for instance, their whole meta show about doing the show is a classic example of not taking themselves or the story lines of demon blood infestation too seriously. This webisode continues in that vein of comedy with references to True Blood, New York Comic Con, and breaking the “Fourth Wall”- while breaking the Fourth Wall.

The first girl who played Alex is not that strong of an actor, but I promise it is worth pushing past her eye rolls.  Jared Stern is comic gold as Conner, the human who pretends to be a vampire. His loose morals and questionable tactics with regards to women are only funny because usually ends up in trouble using them. As the show becomes more Conner centric, the show becomes funnier and more centered on what it is about. Note that the show is definitely NSFW. There is much swearing, which progresses as the series proceeds, and the show sees how much it can get away with. There are some “mind-flashes” of scantily clad women, but no nudity. The show thrives on crass, but the ending of episode 4 is absolutely priceless, and many of the jokes are at the expense of the actors themselves. Which is what counts in the end, the ability of a series to make jokes at its own expense and not take itself too seriously. A really, really funny series that you should check out. (First episode embedded below). Check out their website.


2 thoughts on “Webseries Review: Blood Light

  1. Blood Light is one of the better online web series. I can not wait to see what they put out next and everyone should check it out.

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