Book Review: Death’s Daughter

Amber Benson (of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame) has branched out into chick lit after spending time playing such characters.  Her first solo book in the Calliope Reaper-Jones novels is Death’s Daughter. The book is about Callie who is the middle daughter of Death, president of Death, Inc. an arbitrator of justice independent of God or the Devil. Callie moved to the Big Apple to live her dream life, leaving her family issues in the past. That is, until she is called back to help the family business and save the day. She must complete three nearly impossible tasks. Impossible because they are written in ancient Greek containing clues about people and places and things she has never even heard of before, or tried to forget. Along the way she meets the Devil’s Prodigy, who heats her up in a way that has nothing to do with the hot sands of Hades.

Benson weaves both a fun story about Callie growing up and realizing the value of family with her own brand of spirituality. She doesn’t just leave the religion at Christianity’s door step, but brings in gods of the past and present, Eastern philosophy, and a dog with three heads. The only issue I have is that the character is quite whiny, which the character readily admits, but does little to rectify or change. But I will give Callie the benefit of the doubt and see if maybe she can grow as a person over the next two books. Callie is an interesting character and her little mishaps can be quite funny.

This book was a quick read, engaging, and I will be checking out the next in the series. The Book is waiting for me at the library as I write this, and I’m excited to get back into the universe of Calliope Reaper-Jones and the underground world of the Devil, gods, and younger sisters who make fun of you. A fun read, if you like the Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlaine Harris, or Undead and Unwed by MaryJanice Davidson, be sure to check out Amber Benson’s Calliope Reaper-Jones Series.

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