Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn trailer:


Now, I’m actually sorta looking forward to this. I don’t have unwarranted animosity towards the series. Is it a little campy, yes. Is Edward a bit of a douche, yes. Aren’t all vampires a bit douchey? Um hello, YES. They always have been, they always will be. They are blood sucking animals with human skin covering up their monstrosities. So duh.  And I liked this book out of all of them the best, because she did something most writers (book and television) have not done (and no I’m not talking about no premarital sex) I’m talking about HUGE SPOILER ALERT the fact that she actually had Bella turned and lived happily ever after. I get so tired of this turn me, no don’t turn me. I want to be human and even though you are a vampire expect you to act human too- business. GAH. GAH. GAH.

If anything, the author had the balls to find a way to turn Bella and show what she was actually like as a vampire. I get tired of the unrequited love, we can’t be together because you are a monster and I don’t want to become one- thing. The only other series that turns its main female character is Undead and Unwed (which is far better writing, but also has douchey vampires. They just are). I’m not saying don’t make fun of Twilight because, it’s easily fun-making; I just don’t think it warrants the unnecessary hate of people. And I find it’s especially hated by people who have never read the book, instead have read other people’s opinions of the book. (Which is b.s. if  you want to make (informed) fun of something,  you need to read it, watch it, whatever it. If you don’t vote, you can’t complain.)

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