Law and the Multiverse

Located in the pages of one of the many lawyer magazines I get around to reading too infrequently, I ran across a website dedicated to discussing the legalities of comic (and popular culture) universes. Intrigued I decided to look up the website, Law and the Multiverse. Each posting takes a piece of popular culture, generally centered around superheroes and supervillians, describes the plot of the movie or graphic novel, picks one of the legal issues in the piece, discusses how it was portrayed in the movie or graphic novel, and then discusses what would happen in the real world law world. The postings do contain spoilers about the material, so I skipped the X-Men: First Class posting because I haven’t seen it yet, and went down the page until I hit the posting on Kick-Ass, a movie I have seen. The authors talk about the right to defend others, but perhaps searching for such people to defend while trespassing and wearing superhero costumes and gadgets (read deadly weapons), might not be the best idea. Of course, as a disclaimer, the site is entirely fictional scenarios and does not constitute legal advice in any way.

The posting I read was entertaining, informative, and accurate (as far as I can tell, relying on memory about my law school classes). The authors have both criticism and positive critique on the movie itself, the law it portrays, and delves into the message of the story. The authors attend comic cons, seeing as they are big comic fans, and even have CLEs for interested lawyers (CLE stands for Continued Learning Education. It is the requirement of many states that lawyers continue to go to classes during their practice of the law, to stay informed and aware of new and pending issues. Or just to review things that one may have forgotten since law school. Finding interesting classes to attend is not always easy, but I may have to check out these podcasts!). These hypothetical ramifications of the law in superhero universes is an interesting read, and I find it reassuring that I’m not the only one to watch popular culture’s portrayal of the legal system and shake my head at the blatant disregard for what really happens.  How hard is it to hire someone to fact check your legal aspects of a show or movie? Anyway, check out this website if you enjoy comics, popular culture and the law, or any combination thereof. It’s informative in an entertaining venue, and worth understanding that Hollywood’s portrayal of lawyers is generally wholly inaccurate.

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