Book Review: Mistborn

I thought Mistborn brought a new and different type of “magic” to the table in the science fiction/fantasy genre. Mistborn: The Final Empire is the first book in Brandon Sanderson’s trilogy Mistborn. Sanderson’s magic lies in the use of Allomancy, with a undead creature ruling the universe. It was a refreshing change of pace to read about a fantasy universe that did not involve vampires/werewolves/or zombies. I had a hard time putting it down, and anyone who loves the fantasy genre should pick up this book.

In the first book, there are two main characters, Vin and Kelsier. (Ok, so the Lord Ruler sort of makes a third main character, but not obviously so.) Kelsier is a crew leader for a bunch of thieves who sets out to conduct his greatest heist, taking over an empire. Vin, is a peasant girl, who Kelsier looks after and takes on as crew when he discovers that she has the power of Allomancy. An Allomancer has control over certain alloys that are ingested and then “burned” to produce supernatural abilities.Vin learns to play the part of a noblewoman even though she is skaa (a type of being thought lower than the nobles). Vin plays the part so well that she begins a romantic intrigue with a nobleman.  Kelsier’s use of Vin and use willingness to be a Christlike character to the Skaa starts to tear about the crew. And when they find out that part of Kelsier’s quest in his heist is to take down the Lord Ruler, a creature that has lived for thousands of years, the crew is unsure whether to follow his crazy plan any further.

I liked the use of Allomancy, and Sanderson’s intricate details of how this type of supernatural power worked. How the alloys worked in pairs and tandem to each other. I liked the “heist” aspect to the story as well, because I’m always up for a good thieving crew story. The undertones of political warfare and moral outrage of an oppressed people rounded out this book, to make it a very good read. Interesting, engaging, and powerful commentary, make Mistborn an excellent beginning to what I am hoping is an exciting new (for me) trilogy.

Read another review here and here (I agree with Phil, this book is Originality incarnate).

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