Doctor Who Links

I love me some Doctor Who and all week I’ve been collecting links related to Doctor Who. This  is been a good week for geeky links (yes, a lot of them are Harry Potter, but you won’t hear any complaints from me), so I’ve decided to clean out my queue a bit and get my Doctor Who bits all up in one posting.

Amy Pond outfits for cosplay here. Mostly I’m posting this so that when Halloween rolls around I want to go as Amy Pond and need a place to keep this information until that time. ;D [via Fashionably Geek]

The Nerdy Bird posted about Doctor Who stars before they made it to Doctor Who. Read the whole article and watch the clips here. My favorite clip was the following, and I may have to hunt the whole thing down and watch it. Matt Smith and Billie Piper not only did an episode together on The Secret Diary of a Call Girl, but worked together on Masterpiece Theater’s Ruby in the Smoke.

Doctor Who generation animation:

Get confused about which companion went with which Doctor? Check out this cool Doctor Who companion infograph from (I’m not joking about where it came from.) [via Nerd Approved]

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