Television Reviews: EUReKA, True Blood, and Torchwood

Ok. I know this is a lot to put in one post. But I’m gonna make each review quick. I don’t have the time to do a full review of each episode each week. I’m just one woman here folks. So, my plan is to post a quick spoiler free review with links to full spoilery reviews from other websites where people actually get paid to be nerdy all day. ::Sigh::

EUReKA Review: Season 4.5 if EUReKA opens with a “Lift-off” literally. Zane and Fargo accidentally collaborate to take a supposed to me “un-manned” shuttle into space. Fun antics, scary moments, and bromance ensue. What I liked: Zane’s freak out moments, show that the actor and the character are capable of more than snark and nights in jail. I also liked that Carter and Ali have some relationship moments without it being THE END OF AN ERA. I liked that the show is back to episodic story lines. It is a breath of fresh air this summer and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. What I didn’t like: the show is fun and stable, but does the day always have to be saved? I guess, it’s a formula that has worked in the past to try, try, again? I was also hoping for more bang for the buck. But, then I remembered that it is actually the middle of the season opener, and so I shouldn’t expect it to be too huge of a bang. After realizing that, I just sat and enjoyed the puns,  nerd references, and chemistry of the characters. Read a full review here.

True Blood Review: Ok, due to scrambling around on vacation and after, I haven’t had time, until recently, to sit down and digest True Blood. (I know, I know, my puns are getting really bad.) I’m really excited about this season. While I see True Blood as an entity almost completely separate from the Sookie Stackhouse Series, I do like that each season follows the main arc of the correlating book. I like most of the things that the television series has changed, and that continues in season four. I love the Eric that emerges from this season. I loved him that way in the book, and I think Alex Skarsgård plays the part perfectly. I’m disappointed with Jessica and Hoyt’s romance that is never really quite right because I initially liked the two of them together, but it seems Jessica is growing up a lot faster than Hoyt. At this point I just feel sorry for Jason, in the book we don’t discover what happens to him until the last few pages, but it looks like the writers of True Blood are gonna keep reminding us each episode. Ugh. And Tara, Ugh again. I like that the show kept Lafayette as a character, I don’t like that they made him part of the weird Wiccan club. Bill is pretty true to the book, so I’m curious how they will change or not change his character this season. Sookie is Sookie and we’ll see if she continues to have sassy moments or falls back into her woe is me attitude. All in all I think the show is off to a solid start, I’m excited for the rest of the season, and I’ve a huge girl crush on Pam. She has some of the most awesome lines ever!! Read a full review of the latest episode here, just don’t read the comments after the review. Trust me. Another review here.

Sneak Peek for episode 4:

Torchwood: Miracle Day Review: Day 1 of Torchwood: Miracle Day opens with a lot of exposition, continues with a lot of exposition, and ends with a lot of exposition. The season is going to be short, right? And so they spend the whole first episode explaining what is happening, but not getting into any of the why? Seems a waste of time, frankly. I do like some of the new characters that have been added this season, I’m interested to see how the show will play out State side, and the return of Captain Jack Harkness holds my attention in spite of the insipid start to the season. I’m not saying that the episode dragged, because it was definitely decently paced and fun to watch, it was just at the end of the episode I was going back through in my mind what had just happened, and I realized,  it was not very much. Gwen is in hiding, Jack is roaming the world, until suddenly nobody dies (including a CIA agent). There was one twist that I didn’t see coming, but now makes total sense and I got a better feel for where this season will go. So I’m definitely interested in upcoming episodes, but I wish they had started with more of the story line in the first episode. This is the problem I had with the third season. I know every thinks that the third season was the best and frankly I totally disagree. I loved the first two seasons dearly, it was my introduction into the Whoverse as I watched the first two season of Torchwood before even looking at Doctor Who. I was slightly disappointed with the shortened season of Torchwood: Children of the Earth and that the whole story line can be summed up in one sentence. I liked the unpredictability and humanness of the first two season, and while I love Jack, the whole Jack centric theme of the third season, was just not as fun for me. So, I go against the grain here, but as I didn’t like the third season as much, so I was not really expecting to like this season either. Which means that I’m not too disappointed, because it was about what I expected. I’m gonna watch it, because I can’t not, but I’m not all gushy over it frankly.

Torchwood: Web of Lies Webisode One:

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