Art Nouveau and Geek Stuff

Last week io9 has a lovely little bit on the history of Art Nouveau and then posted some geeky heroes done in that particular style. So I did some digging and found out that Art Nouveu (French for “new art”) is a curvaceous, organic, and floral style of art.  Today’s art is greatly inspired by a poster of Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939). His influence is seen today on fan art, posters, and even Googles Doodles. Museums have dedicated whole areas to the theme, a style that influences all areas of art and life, not just geeky hero drawings. Check out the museum stuff here. Speaking of Big Damn Heroes, you can now pre-order Firefly Art Nouveau prints here. [via io9]

And of Course some Doctor Who ones of The Companions!!



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