Farnsworth Blue Prints

Yesterday was a struggle to get my wordpress postings up, not because I didn’t have stuff to post, but because the website was giving me trouble. If my postings were unusually spelling error-y I blame wordpress. And my propensity for making up words, like error-y. I guess I should say error filled. As it happened, my postings had to be as quick and easy as I could make them, so I’m a little disappointed with the end result. But hopefully it isn’t too noticable and I can get back on track today. I meant to post this with my Warehouse Wednesday review, but that review was torture to finish. I logged in and out of wordpress several times, lost some of my writing, struggled with the pictures and finally threw the thing up on the internet 3/4 baked. Ok, I’ll stop complaining now and link you to the Farnsworth Blue Print Replicas I found at QMx, buy the prints here.


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