Television Review: Warehouse Wednesday: Queen for a Day

I really enjoyed this rather Pete centric episode. We are finally able to see how wonderful of a person Pete has become now that he is sober. It is also an episode where he spends more of his time getting things right than the comedic relief. I love Pete as the comedic relief, but his character is so much more than that. Jinks and Claudia continue to develop a sweet friendship and Artie continues to battle a cold. An excellent artifact-y episode with some sweet moments.

The episode opens with Claudia’s lost beetle eluding Artie. Jinks and Claudia are off to a Civil War re-enactment looking for a flask. Pete is on the Farnsworth with Jinks and makes a Top Gun reference which Jinks does not get. Pete then tries the reference with Myka who is on her way back from collecting an artifact and she doesn’t get it either. I’ve only ever seen the movie once, but there was an incident in college with some freshmen soccer boys hazing ritual which included surrounding my table where I was enjoying a solo lunch in the school cafeteria and sang, “You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling” to me, I was mortified.

screen still from the movie Top Gun

But the surprise of the episode is that when Leena talks to Pete on the Farnsworth, she informs him that his ex-wife, guest star Jerri Ryan (Star Trek: Voyager, Psych), is back at Leena’s Bed & Breakfast. Myka shows up at Leena’s back from Warehouse 2 with a Beehive artifact. Pete arrives at Leena’s and pulls his ex-wife Amanda, a military major of some flavor, away from a curious Myka. He asks Amanda why she is there and she hands him a comic book, which gets him all excited. But he calms down enough to ask why she is really there, and finds out she is there to get her grandmother’s ring back from him because she is getting remarried. Why does he have her grandmother’s ring? I realize they were married at some point, but wouldn’t she take her family’s heirloom. This question is never answered, and is the only thing that really bugs me about the episode. A bee from the beehive artifact that Myka brought home crawls into Amanda’s bag.

Pete doesn’t want to talk about his ex-wife. Artie discovers the missing bee and Leena realizes that it must have fallen in Amanda’s bag. Pete’s, “NO! No, no , no, no!” was hilarious. Artie explains “Artie’s Law of Artifacts” which is that the worst thing that can happen with an artifact will happen with an artifact. In deed it does, Amanda reaches into her bag and is stung by the bee.

Claudia and Jinks are still at the “battlefield.” Claudia is rambling on about her life story, but when she asks Jinks what his story is he refuses to talk about the past. The past is the past, he informs her. They just need to concentrate on finding Ulysses S. Grant’s flask, because whoever drinks from it believes that they are really in the Civil War and hurts other re-enactors. Dressed up as confederate soldiers Claudia and Jinks decide to enter the “battle” to find the flask, Claudia likens Jinks and herself to Shirley and Laverne, respectively.

cc Nat Bocking via Wikimedia Commons

Pete and Myka show up at Amanda’s wedding site, a castle, which Pete remarks is much better than his Vegas wedding to Amanda. Amanda is looking gorgeous but her finger hurts. And then she touches her bridesmaids and the groomsmen. It appears she has turned them into worker bees because they get all weird on straight faced. She asks them to take care of her in-laws while she goes and talks with Pete and Myka. So the wedding party kidnaps the in-laws. Pete and Myka search Amanda’s purse, which Pete explains is part of his new job, but he can’t tell her anything more.

Jinks and Claudia are still trying to find the flask. They find a re-enactor who explains that he really got beaten up by a Private Johnson. Jinks and Claudia realize that they must find Private Johnson, but Claudia gets “shot” and so after a big fuss by the shooter she heads off to the hospital and Jinks continues to search for the flask. This seems like the set up for something.

Amanda and Pete talk about their failed relationship. Pete having apologized earlier at Leena’s Amanda feels she too must apologize. Pete meets the Groom and is upset because he is such a nice guy (the Groom). Pete goes and finds Myka, meanwhile the Groom says he can’t find his parents and Amanda remarks that no one gets in or out until they find his parents. The drones over hear and take this comment as a serious command. The drones chase Pete and Myka back to Amanda’s dressing room. Pete is upset that Myka made them leave the tesla’s home, because it was just a wedding. Artie calls them and explains that the artifact they are looking for was used by a female Pharaoh, and when the bee stinger gets inside of her, she became a queen. Myka looks at the bee’s current state and there is no stinger.

Jinks finds Grant’s flask and is trying to get the re-enactor to hand it over but almost gets impaled instead. Claudia shows up in the nick of time, this time dressed up as a black ringlet woman and saves Jinks with her mini-tesla. See I was right earlier “injury” was just a set up to get Claudia in a different costume. Jinks stares at Claudia a long moment before explaining that she reminded him of his sister who died. Claudia pulls a sad face and then pulls a bag from her bosom and they put the flask in the purple bag to contain it. A re-enactor sees the light show as a result and makes a comment about Trekkie’s crashing re-enactments pretending to be time travelers. Incredibly awesome comment dude!

Screen still from the episode

Artie explains to Myka that the stinger releases the pheromone and they need to get it out of Amanda. But it has traveled in her body and Pete suggests they leave the wedding and go get an x-ray. But as Myka, Pete, and Amanda are leaving they see the bridal party tearing up the place and beating up the groom. Artie explains the drones are protecting her, even if it goes against a direct order from Amanda. How convenient a plot twist oh Warehouse writers. The three sane people in the room take on the drones, Myka even crosses swords with a Marine, so that was pretty cool fighting. They free the groom, who holds his own weight in the fight. Artie calls to let them know that the bee is a magnet and will draw the stinger back out. So once again the Warehouse agents save the day. As a result they are allowed to attend the wedding. The bridal party is a bit beat up, but everyone is beaming. Pete explains to the in-laws that the bridal party ate some bad wild mushrooms. WHAT? Ok, that was lame. You could have come up with something better than wild mushrooms Pete. Pete and Myka say good-bye to the recently married couple.

Back at the Warehouse, Pete explains to Myka the reason he didn’t want to talk about his ex-wife was because that was a time in his life he doesn’t like to talk about. Myka has never seen drunk Pete, and she never will, and he doesn’t even want her to really know about drunk Pete. Which explains his reluctance to introduce her to his ex initially. Claudia and Jinks are also back at the Warehouse. Claudia searches on line and finds out how Jinks sister died. A picture of her also reveals that when Claudia had the black wig on, she not only was acting like his sister, but kind of looked like her. Jinks finds Claudia snooping, and she apologizes but he decides to talk with her anyway.

All in all a wonderful episode, revealing more about the agents back stories while still remaining in the present enough to hunt down cool artifacts. But what was with wearing the purple glasses in the Warehouse the whole time and the shots having a purple haze. I appreciate new attempts by directors to spice things up, but it was rather weird. They have never done that before, always before the gloves were enough. Why now the sudden glasses also? They don’t explain this, and it seems rather in congruous. I hope they leave that gimmick in the past, where it belongs.

2 thoughts on “Television Review: Warehouse Wednesday: Queen for a Day

  1. The purple glasses and “purple haze” was for in the isolation room while the team was unpacking the artifacts from Warehouse 2. The haze is probably from some sort of neutralizer light while the glasses may help protect them from all the sparking light the artifacts give off as they are neutralized.

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