Review Webseries: Death’s Door

I watched the first half of a new webseries, Death’s Door, this weekend. The premise of the series is that Marcus, played by Jeff Berg, a newly certified doctor, flat lines one evening after a celebratory dinner and resuscitates in spite of the impossibility of it. I viewed the trailer and while intrigued by the concept of the story was less impressed with the timing of the trailer. But I sat down and watched the first five episodes of the new web series setting aside any preconceived notions from the trailer, and I’m glad I did. Like most series it takes an episode or so for the characters to begin to come to life (yes, that was a pun), but when they do, something really cool happens, a story unfolds. The series hit the internets for real on Sunday, August 7, 2011. You can watch it here.

The Good: The actor who plays Marcus, is the most believable. Which is good, as he is the main character. The rest of the cast eventually settles into their parts and each episode becomes just that much more believable. The death scenes and their impact on the other characters is almost too realistic and harsh. It shows how the chaos of the moment exists mostly in our heads.

The Bad: In the first episode the camera spans are really shaky, and it seems unintentional. Unfortunately this continues as the series continues, only gradually getting better, but not completely disappearing.

And the Ugly: I realize that this is a webseries, which means little to no budget. So I’m not gonna knock down the production value stars just because of that fact. However, some of the sound bites were less clear because of this, and a little distracting.

All in all an intriguing premise with some decent acting chomps. Marcus’ fiancee, Jessica, adds sweetness to the show. The audience can see that she cares deeply for Marcus, which makes it easier care for him too, not an easy thing to accomplish in the five minutes each episode runs. Marcus’ brother brings both comedy and a harsh realistic touch, being the sounding board for his brother as Marcus goes through . . . well whatever is really happening. I enjoyed that the story gradually unfolds without dragging, and I recommend checking it out.

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