Movie Review: Captain America

This weekend I went and saw Captain America in the little ghettoplex, that is not so ghetto anymore, which is a lot closer and cheaper than the bigger theaters. I trudged through a torrential downpour and finally arrived at the theater looking like something the cat dragged in. I’m not exaggerating. I went into the restroom to clean up before sitting down, and was so surprised by my own appearance I started laughing. I got small bag of buttery popcorn and sat down hoping to enjoy a really good movie. I was not disappointed.

My best friend has a huge crush on Chris Evans, who doesn’t? (Well, I don’t, but that is because I’m picky. He’s too All-American for me. I prefer men with a little less pretty to the face, and a little more character.) Evans is a handsome leading man who lives up to the potential of his roles. My friend became even more enamored of him when I sent her an email with an article about one reporter’s journey to discover the real Chris Evans, but who ended up getting rather drunk with him and his friends instead. It is an awesome little read. After devouring the article my friend was mad at me, mostly she was just jealous of the reporter and took her misplaced emotions out on me. She had decided she wanted to have Evans babies. However, I vetoed this.

Now mind you, the man is one gorgeous hunk of a human being, and he seems like an actual human being to boot. But. He lives in Boston. I dislike Boston. I’ve had bad experiences in Boston. Everyone I know who has moved there has hated Boston (Sorry Bostonians, but you ain’t the most welcoming of people), and I’ve never gotten drunk with Chris Evans, so I’ve no frame of reference for a good time in Boston. So I vetoed my best friend having anyone’s Boston Babies. Last night after leaving the movie theater, I sent her this message, and I think this sums up how much I enjoyed the movie: Just saw capt america. Fine. U can have chris evans boston babies. Sigh.

I really enjoyed the movie. I thought the story line was great without being overly complicated. I liked the pacing of the movie, a roller coaster of emotions, with the contrast between the main story line of Hydra evilness and Steve Rogers flirtations with Peggy Carter well done. The comedy was perfectly timed, and corny in a way I enjoy corny comedy. I second everyone who has said that scrawny Steve stole their hearts, because he stole mine too. I really related to the being so short the only way to win is to never know when to quit. I love that his dislike of bullies is what drives his character throughout the entire movie. I thought that Hugo Weaving did a superb job as the bad guy, Red Scull, going so over the top that it played perfectly. There were a couple of times I thought “Agent Smith”, but mostly his previous roles did not intrude on his character. The one thing I found corny and out of place was the double-fisted Heil Hydra. I’m sorry if this is in the comics, but it is incredibly STUPID. And makes something that was horrendous brain washing, cheesy and cheap. But that is the only thing I didn’t like. I thought the action sequences were well done, and timed perfectly. Not only as the sequences themselves, but also as to the over all pacing of the movie. I enjoyed being in middle of the action, but still able to watch the action, unlike in Thor. Two thumbs up from me.

I’m very much looking forward to The Avengers now, not that I wasn’t already. I stayed for the bit after the end and wasn’t disappointed by the teaser for The Avengers. So many hot men!!!I’m especially looking forward to seeing Jeremy Renner. ::Sigh:: There was a Mission Impossible 4 trailer before the movie and I love that he gets the gun from Ethan Hunt!!! Woot!!! Jeremy Renner!!! Ok, fangirl moment over. I’m also appreciative that some of my favorite television directors, J.J. Abrams and Joss Whedon, are doing things for the big screen now. I hope they live up to their potential. All in all, I really liked Captain America. I’m glad that I actually went and paid to see it in the theater, and you should all go! But my best friend has dibs on those hypothetical Boston Babies.

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