Wonder Woman Caught with her Pants Down (or rather Gone)

How Wonder Woman should be not be more nakeds just because that is how over hormone-d  men have drawn her for decades or whether all things should be equal and the guys should loose theirs. Either solution works for me, but the inequality is gyrating- I mean grating.  Now, I have no power with people owning their sexuality and it is definitely a part of the human existence, but as the main form of power that a woman has, give me a break. We are more than boobs, bodies, and sex objects. Can we stop debating this already and do something about it? Like give women pants and power at the same time? ::rollseyes::  Until we can be seen as more then sex objects, I think that female comic characters should get some non sexy clothes or the men should become more eye candy so that everyone can feel like a piece of shi- I mean meat, and not just us women. [via Fashionably Geek and The Mary Sue]



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