EUReKA Cancelled

Right now showing on the SyFy channel is the current season of EUReKA, season 4. Which was kind of off to a slow start, but it has definitely picked up steam and settled into its normal awesome groove. I love EUReKA and am so happy to have a fun scifi show to watch over the summer. The cast is finishing up filming the fifth season when they got the news that they were not renewed for a sixth season. There was some back and forth for a while, whether there would be a half sixth season, but that has also been nipped in the bud. As a consolatory prize, they will be allowed to film an extra episode to end the series. AN EPISODE! UGH! I have been too incensed to really write on all of this. UGH. SYFY STUPIDS!!!!! Then I found this awesome comic, and this is all I have to say: HAHAHAHAHA. SYFY you fail. (According to Eureka is SyFY’s best rated show that is currently still on the air.)  [Nerd Approved]


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