Television Review: Warehouse Wednesday: 3…2…1, Jump the Gun

Or BLAST-OFF!!! So last week was a horribly long, full of too much working week, and I was unable to get to watching Warehouse 13 for some time, and then it took me several more days to work up the wherewithal to go back and analyze the episode beyond, interesting. And I sat there thinking, why has it been so much harder to get my Warehouse 13 episode reviews up as compared to my Fringe Fridays, then I remembered that I posted a week later with Fringe and I’ve decided to do the same with Warehouse 13, just to give myself some extra time seeing as I am one busy lady.

I really enjoyed 3…2…1 as an episode. I liked the throw backs to other episodes, I enjoyed Pete’s humor, and I thought the artifact of the week was fun and fascinating. In this episode H.G. Wells makes her reappearance and we discover an artifact that she was unable to tag in Warehouse 12 has gotten more powerful over the years and reappears on Myka and Pete’s watch. Myka has the bright idea to bring in Helena as a consultant, while Pete is against the idea, Artie agrees and once again we get the delightful guest appearance of Jaime Murray (boy was it hard to write my name differently, my fingers were like that is not how we write “Jami” lady, and I had to delete and retype three times). We are then treated to flash backs to the 1800s when Helena was trying to capture the artifact, the 1960s where Jack and Rebecca encounter the artifact, and present day incarnation of the artifact. I thought it was a brilliant story telling solution, it was outside the normal formula for the show, and I enjoyed it immensely. Now:

The episode begins in Helena’s time, where a man is rushing down the streets of London and is waylaid by some off camera bad guy. Suddenly a horn sounds and the man disintegrates because of some sort of sonic sound wave. Then it is the 1960s and some dude is bird watching on an abandoned farm land when he too is caught in a disintegrated wave length. Queue the present day in Pennsylvania were half of a billboard is gone and Pete is flirting with a waitress and stuffing pie in his pie hole. Pete explains that it is definitely and artifact thing because the waitress heard a strange horn noise before the billboard and the man up on the scaffolding were disappeared by “freak lightening storm”. Something is triggered in Myka’s remarkable memory, and she has an idea. Pete is not going to like it, she tells him. And boy is she right.

Back at the Warehouse an argument is ensuring, Pete wants veto over Myka’s idea. But Artie is the only one with veto power, and he agrees with Myka, that they should bring Helena in as a consultant on the case since she dealt with the same artifact earlier, as is indicated by her case reports. So Artie makes her appear as a hologram from her holding cell. She says she does indeed know the artifact is is Joshua (from the old testament)’s Horn, that when he blew it it brought the walls of Jericho down. H.G. tells of her encounter with the artifact and we are treated to a lovely afternoon tea party and Helena in a dress. She makes fun of her dapper brother and eggs him on telling a fun and interesting story, but of course he can’t because they are all Helena’s stories. Helena flirts with everyone in the room, including a lady or two and exits when she hears about an artifact on the loose. Helena reminds me of Jack Harkness, flirting with anyone and everyone. Queue Ianto enters the room. WTF? Only his name is Willie. Sorry, Gareth David-Lloyd, but Ianto you are and shall always be. Helena and Ianto go to investigate the artifact and as they leave Helena’s room after she changes and makes a note about her diary she quotes her “good friend Doyle, ‘The game is afoot.'” Um, Amazing Sherlock Holmes reference!!! At the crime scene Helena realizes the disintegration was an ambushed attack.

Artie is fascinated by all this and looks through his scrolls until he finds more information on Joshua’s horn. Even while ignoring her completely, Pete disagrees with H.G.’s assessment that it is the same horn because the distance of the sound wave is different. Myka hypothesizes that maybe the horn has been modified. H.G. says that the horn was never recovered, that she had built a space craft and someone decided to use the horn as a powr source for the spaceship. She knows this because she realized that someone had messed with her diary and learned about the rocket she had built. It was her and Ianto’s Artie, who was angry that Warehouse 12 was being dismantled and moving to America as Warehouse 13. He decided that the London group should use the artifacts to their benefit, make a mess of something, clean it up and then the Warehouse would remain in England. But H.G. and Ianto fight off his cronies to stop him from hurting anyone. And H.G. sends the rocket off into space.

Doesn’t it look like they are in front of the TARDIS? (Picture from

Apparently what went up, must come down and the rocket landed in 1960 on an abandoned farm. We discover this as after a couple has spent necking and the female makes obligatory stop noises and they leave the car to explore where the man disappeared while bird watching. The horn goes off amidst the ruins of the rocket and the couple hightails it out of there.  Jack and Rebecca debrief the necking couple and are interrupted by the dead bird watchers widow and son who is obsessed with astronauts and aliens. They head out to the farm and try to take out the artifact which is going wonky. Jack shoots it with the tesla and makes it worse, Rebecca shoots it with a regular gun, it explodes and is gone. Back in the present time, Myka and Pete head out to the farm that is depicted in Jack and Rebecca’s report with H.G. Wells locked up in a sphere that looks like a Magic 8 Ball. Pete finds something in the trunk and where the rocket must have landed. Pete throws a piece of the rocket through H.G. Helena does not find this funny. Claudia and Artie have done some digging and Myka is right, the horn has been modified it shot down a helicopter a mile away and killed the two men in the helicopter.

Pete yells at H.G. that it is all her fault and Myka makes Helena disappear into the Magic 8 Ball. Myka tells Pete, she is back, she came back. And this is when we realize that a lot of Pete’s anger and even his funny cover up of his real feelings stems from abandonment issues. Which he has not resolved with Myka after she left him last season. Pete calms down and realizes that maybe he has some issues and gets his head back into the game. Pete notices that the book he found in Rebecca and Jack’s trunk, which had gotten blasted by the horn and apparently abandoned on site for 40 years instead of warehoused?, has childish scrawling in it. And Pete realizes that the astronaut and alien obsessed kid must have hidden in Jack and Rebecca’s trunk when they drove out to the farm land 40 years prior, stolen the horn after they shot it, and is now using it to get his dad back. Speaking of abandonment issues.

The little born is all grown up and psychotic. He thinks his dad was taken by aliens so he has calibrated the horn to a satellite and is sending the horn’s sound wavelengths out into space to get the attention of the little green men. Myka and Pete try to explain what happened and that by sending out the horn’s sound he is in fact killing people. But he is too far gone into the crazy conspiracy in his head to listen to them. So Pete tells Myka to bring in H.G. Wells, and as she appears from the Magic 8 Ball the crazy man thinks that she is an alien. So he points a gun at her. I really thought that he would shoot her, it would go through H.G., and he would fall down sobbing. Not so much. Instead we get another heartfelt apology from Helena to the crazy man as she takes responsibility for sending the rocket up into space, that his father’s death was a terrible accident, and using the horn will not bring his father back. She talks the crazy man down and he decides to give up on finding the aliens because he thinks they finally found him. Still think it would have been a better scene if Helena had gotten shot through the head and hologramed to tell the tale (yes, I just made that word up, deal with it).

Claudia remarks that she really likes having H.G. around, so do we SyFy, so do we. Also, we like having ERUeKA around. Just putting that out there. Ugh. Bah. Anyway. Artie tells Claudia not to get too attached. Claudia’s picture of H.G. and Ianto fades into the 1800s with the real H.G. and Ianto. Ianto admires H.G. because she has done a lot of good in spite of the tragedy of her daughter’s death. Helena explains that the “Future is going to be a wondrous place” and she wants to have a part in that. H.G.’s face fades into bronze and Jack is staring at her statute in the 60s wondering why she was bronzed. He is staring at all the older Warehouse agents who have been bronzed. Rebecca remarks that every agent either ends up crazy, a bad guy, or leaving the Warehouse on a slab. Jack thinks that she is going to break up with him. But instead she says that she realizes that they have very little time left, and what time they have left should be squeezed of every moment of happiness that it can. They kiss. Collective Awwww.

In present time Myka and Helena have another heart to heart. Ugh. I’m getting tired of these sappy H.G. moments. Pete has worked through some of his anger at Helena by the end of the episode and actually tells her she did a good job. Myka sends H.G. back into the Magic 8 Ball. “Let’s go save the world Latimer.” Myka says to Pete. Pete places Jack’s hat on his head, and in a Clint Eastwood voice says, “Whatever you say, Sweetheart.” Myka laughs. Another Collective, Awwww.

I really liked seeing the different points in time that the artifact affected the world. I liked that it got stronger, and was finally tagged by Myka and Pete, showing that they are indeed skilled agents. I did wonder where Jinks had wondered off to, and his personal day excuse was hardly plausible. I read somewhere in my Internet browsing that people think he has something to do with the evil FBI lady since he showed up at the same time. Which seems a likely scenario. Maybe he is a flesh person from Doctor Who, looks like Jinks and will disintegrate into white goo at the end of the season. Boy would I love a Doctor Who/Warehouse 13/Eureka crossover. One big conglomeration of nerdom!!! Woot. That would be AWESOME!


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