Movie Review: The Adjustment Bureau

adjustment bureau

Last weekend I decided to treat myself to a movie, so I went to the Redbox near my apartment and rented The Adjustment Bureau which is a story freely adapted from the work of Philip K. Dick. The Adjustment Bureau stars Matt Damon (Good Will Hunting) as David Norris an aspiring politician running on his “every man” campaign whose bar brawling past begins to catch up with him. One evening after a disappointing political event he runs into Elise Sellas, played by Emily Blunt (Sunshine Cleaning), in a bathroom while trying to write his speech. Elise lifts Norris’ spirits and he goes on to make the greatest speech of his political career which overshadows his failings. Through these ups and downs one man stands in the shadows clapping his hands and making notations in his notebook. He is from The Bureau an organization similar to The Observers on Fringe, but who make tiny adjustments to people’s lives so that the ripple effects result in following “The Plan” created by The Chairman.

But the Adjustment Bureau staff dude falls asleep and fails in executing an adjustment, which results in Norris meeting Elise on a bus ride and getting her number. Only he was never supposed to meet her again, and never date her, or be with her. Which is eventually explained to him by Roger Sterling who goes by Richard (aka John Slattery). Norris tries to forget about Elise, but when he accidentally meets her again decides to he wants to spend his days going off plan and keeping Elise by his side, especially when after he sees her dance.

I really enjoyed the movie, I thought I would pop it in and get some chores done while it was on in the background. But I ended up settling down on the couch and watching the whole thing hoping that true love wins out in the end, even though I don’t believe in true love. I loved the concept behind the rather science fiction aspect of the movie, with men in suits adjusting people’s lives to keep on some sort of “plan” noted in these awesome CG books that showed where everyone was supposed to be versus where they were. I really liked Matt Damon in this movie, he was the right amount of earnest desire for being with someone who feels like the perfect person for him, stoically standing up to The Man (literally), and being smart enough to find a way to try and live his life with free will. An excellent movie to watch some weekend when you want to snuggle up on the couch and watch drama with a little sci/fi.

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