Webseries Review: The Guild

If you haven’t seen The Guild starring and produced by Felicia Day, then you are missing out! Already in it’s fifth season, this gem of a series is incredibly funny, well produced, and full of nerd deliciousness. The Guild is a series about a group of gamers who belong to a guild (duh) and the trials they face in trying to interact with each other face to face and with the world in general. The series revolved around Felicia Day’s character Codex, her failures in relationships and pretty much everything that doesn’t involve her avatar. Watch past seasons on YouTube here. As each episode is only 5 minutes long, it is easy and quick to catch up.

This season (fifth season) is about the gang going to a comic con. They arrive at the con with the understanding that one of their guild members, who has become an internet meme, will be set up in a booth and they will be given a free ride to the convention. This doesn’t exactly happen and hilarity ensues as the group traverses the intricacies of cons, deals with sharing one hotel room for the duration, and Codex awkwardly hits on another guild member who is to oblivious to understand what she is awkwardly attempting. The series arrives on the web every Thursday here, though if you have an xbox you can get it quicker. (I don’t have any type of game playing sets or boxes because they cause me to have near heart attacks when the controllers act as anti-controllers and I jump on couches screaming at my person to get the f*ck up off the ground you stupid [insert bad word here]! Ahem. Yah.)

Felicia Day is amazing, truly one of my idols. When I am having a bad day I go and watch her music video as Codex, “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar” and immediately I feel better about life.


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