Webseries Review: Divine: The Series (aka Misha Collins as a Priest)

Remember a while back when I told you all about a webseries that Misha Collins (Supernatural) was involved in as actor, producer, fundraiser, will sign shit if you give him money person? Using kickstarter the webseries raised more than the money they absolutely needed, so they threw the rest into making an even better production. The webseries is called Divine: The Series, and is about a priest who finds out he is in over his head when he comes face to face with some sort of weird miracle shit that involves a lot of Catholic chanting, wine, bread, and holy water. The first episode aired last Sunday (August 28, 2011) and is up for your viewing pleasure on their website and YouTube (posted below).

Official Synopsis:

Father Christopher, a young priest recently reassigned to an inner city mission, comes face to face with the living miracle known as Divine. When confronted by this manifestation of God’s power, Christopher’s faith is tested and his view of reality will never be the same again.

The first episode is called, Divine. Wonder how they came up with that one? Sorry, couldn’t resist a little snark. Ok, as to my review. The acting was far superb, these people have some actual acting chops which is further evidenced by their imdb profiles. We all know who Misha Collins is, so I wont go into how he was absolutely wonderful. But the man who shows up at the Church door steps bleeding profusely and ends up naked for the entire rest of the episode was intense in a good way. Dan Payne (BSG, Watchmen, Dead Like Me (awesome awesome series fyi)) plays The Divine, and I’ve yet to entirely sus out what is going on. So, I’m intrigued,wondering what this series is all about and whether or not I will get to see more of his gorgeous butt. Sorry, that also could not be helped.

Interestingly dark for a webseries, Divine: The Series delves into the supernatural with religious themes as seen through the eyes of someone who doesn’t quite understand what is going on and pulls the viewer right along with him. The production values were quite good, the pacing well done, and I’m looking forward to more episodes (there should be a total of 6, hopefully more, if more people go and watch it).

Did I mention the nakeds? While you can’t see anything real important, there are several shots of nakeds men with strategically placed knees etc. This is NSFW. The website doesn’t relay when the next episode will be posted, but I’m guessing this upcoming Sunday.

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